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The Indian Education Act gave greater control over the education of Native Americans to
a) Native American tribes.
b) state governments.
c) the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
d) the American Indian Movement.

What were the demonstrations organized by the American Indian Movement designed to do?
a) Actively confront the federal government.
b) Passively resist the federal government.
c) Build an alliance with other minority groups.
d) Promote cooperation with the federal government.

The Strategic Defense Initiative was an extremely costly;
a) missile defense system.
b) bomber.
c) communications system.
d) plan for international alliance.

During Reagan’s presidency, federal spending increased most for;
a) defense and the military.
b) job training and school loans.
c) urban mass transit in major cities.
d) environmental protection.

According to the theory of supply-side economics, _____________ is the first step toward creating a healthy economy?
a) cutting taxes
b) raising taxes
c) increasing interest rates
d) increasing government spending

People who support pay equity argue that women should be paid;
a) the same as men for doing the same jobs.
b) for household work.
c) more than men, to make up for past discrimination.
d) more than men, to combat the feminization of poverty.

In 1987, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev announced his plans for____________, or a restructuring of the Soviet economy and government .
a) perestroika
b) glasnost
c) sandanista
d) contra

A direct result of the Glasnost policy might be ______________
a) freedom of the press
b) dismantling nuclear weapons
c) increasing the size of the nation
d) reducing national debt

The purpose of President Nixon’s visits to China and Moscow was to try and
a) ease cold war tensions.
b) give military support.
c) spread communism.
d) help their drive to become democratic.

The U.S. government established the _____ to set and enforce pollution standards.
a) Environmental Protection Agency
b) Nuclear Regulatory Commission
c) Helsinki Accords
d) SALT I Treaty

What is the historical significance of the Camp David Peace Accords?
a) It was the first signed peace treaty between Israel and an Arab nation.
b) It was an agreement to form a new Palestinian nation in Egypt.
c) It allowed Israel to join the United Arab Peace League.
d) It was a military plan that allowed Egyptian soldiers in Tel Aviv.

Which is true of public support for the Vietnam War?
a) It declined after the Tet offensive.
b) It increased as a result of television.
c) It was stronger in younger people.
d) It increased after the Tet offensive.

Which of the following, as secretary of defense, supported a build-up of U.S. forces in Vietnam?
a) Robert McNamara
b) Clark Gifford
c) Daniel Ellsberg
d) Henry Kissinger

Which of the following did President Nixon say would bring about “peace with honor” in Vietnam?
a) the Vietnamization of the war
b) the Vietnamization of the war
c) the Americanization of the war
d) the invasion of Cambodia

He was Nixon’s Secretary of State who negotiated the final peace treaty with Vietnam.
a) Henry Kissinger
b) Spiro Agnew
c) Robert McNamara
d) William Westmoreland

The War Powers Act (1973);
a) decreased the power of the President.
b) didn’t have anything to do with the power of the President.
c) forced Johnson to withdraw our troops from Vietnam.
d) increased the power of the President.

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