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Why do you cells even bother with cellular respiration in the first place?
a) to make oxygen
b) to make glucose
c) to make ATP
d) to clean the cell

In what organelle does most of cellular respiration occur?
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) cytoplasm
d) golgi bodies

A type of protein molecule embedded in the cristae that pass electrons so they can combine with oxygen molecules
a) Enzymes
b) Lipids
c) Fats

The name of the last enzyme in the electron transport chain where the ATP molecules are actually made
a) ATP Synthase
b) ADP Synthase

The folds of the mitochondria’s inner membrane where the electron transport chain takes place
a) Cristae
b) Matrix

A molecule formed during cellular respiration that contains lots of energy for immediate use.
a) ATP
b) Carbon
d) FADH2

The molecule formed in the electron transport chain when oxygen combines with electrons and hydrogen ions
a) Water
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon
d) Carbon dioxide

The molecule used in the electron transport chain to combine with electrons and hydrogen ions to form water
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Water

The third step in cellular respiration.
a) The Electron Transport Chain
b) The Krebs Cycle
c) Glycolysis

Is glucose created (a product) or used (a reactant) during cellular respiration?
a) Used (a reactant)
b) Created (a product)

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