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Who did the United states go to war with in the 1950s?
a) North Korea
b) South Korea
c) Soviet Union
d) China

What did Arkansas farmers fill two boxcars with what two crops to send to Europe after the end of World War II?
a) tomatoes and corn
b) cotton and rice
c) rice and wheat
d) apples and oranges

What was one of the most important changes McMath made?
a) Integrated Central High
b) Established new attitudes towards black Arkansans
c) Outlawed gambling
d) Ended the poll tax

Which of the following was NOT one of the things Sid McMath did to improve the state as governor?
a) Built new roads
b) Integrated all Arkansas schools
c) Increased economic development
d) Improved education

Which Arkansas veteran and politician became one of the best examples of the G.I. Revolt in Arkansas?
a) Orval Faubus
b) Jeff Davis
c) Sid McMath
d) Henry Conway

What did the increased efforts of veterans to improve life in America after WWII become known as?
a) G.I. Revolt
b) Veteran Politics
c) New Deal
d) Government Issue

Which World War II veteran from Arkansas was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for leading a group of men against nearly 100 Germans, eventually forcing them to retreat?
a) Nathan G. Gordon
b) Maurice Footsie Britt
c) Jonathan Conway
d) Johnny Cash

About 326 men with families in Arkansas's relocation camps served in the armed forces.

Why was Nathan G. Gordon, a World War II veteran and naval pilot from Arkansas, awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?
a) for defeating the Germans in North Africa
b) for participating in the D-Day operation
c) for taking out a German tank division single-handed
d) for rescuing 15 officers while being fired upon

Which of the following is NOT where one of the the two Japanese internment camps in Arkansas located?
a) Desha
b) Jerome
c) Rowher

What were people encouraged to plant to take care of their own needs for nutritious foods?
a) freedom gardens
b) war vegetables
c) victory gardens
d) freedom farms

Buying ___________ was another way people supported the war effort.
a) food stamps
b) war bonds
c) rubber tires
d) scrap metal

Goods such as gasoline, meat, coffee, and sugar were carefully __________ so much of it could be sent to those serving overseas.
a) prefabricated
b) rationed
c) mass produced
d) destroyed

Which facility in Jacksonville was the first national defense site in the state?
a) Arkansas Ordnance Plant
b) Naval Shipyard Plant
c) Explosives Fabrication Plant
d) Arkansas Munitions Factory

How many defense plants were built across the state during World War II?
a) two
b) four
c) six
d) eight

While many men were fighting in the armes forces, who filled the jobs previously only available to men.
a) children
b) women
c) foreign workers
d) none of the above

How many Arkansans enlisted in the armed forces during World War II?
a) 5,000
b) 190,000
c) 2 million
d) 300

Which of the following was NOT one of the two military bases in Arkansas where a number of soldiers received their training?
a) Camp Robinson
b) Fort Smith
c) Fort Chaffee

The United States went to war with South Korea in 1950 because they attacked North Korea and wanted the entire country to be controlled by a Communist government.

Which Arkansas Veteran served in the Korean War and was given the Korean Medal of Honor for.his actions under fire?
a) Lloyd L. Scooter Burke
b) Maurice Footsie Britt
c) Sid McMath
d) Orval Faubus

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