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Region of conflict between India Pakistan
a) Kashmir
b) Chechnya
c) Iraq
d) Bangladesh

The Mau Mau were a group in _________ that used guerilla tactics against the British.
a) Kenya
b) Ghana
c) The Congo
d) Angola

Apartheid was legalized segregation in _______________.
a) South Africa
b) Kenya
c) Ghana
d) The Congo

Mohandas Gandhi led the the nonviolent resistance movement in ___________.
a) India
b) Pakistan
c) Turkey
d) South Africa

Largest Free Trade Zone in the world
b) European Union
c) Commonwealth of Independent States
d) None of the above

Group of Countries in Europe sharing a common goal.
a) European Union
b) Commonwealth of Independent States
d) None of the above

Ethnic Cleansing, the persecution and killing of minority groups in ________ happened in the late 1990s.
a) Serbia
b) Slovenia
c) Bosnia-Herzegovina
d) Croatia

Region in Russia where there is a Civil War today, declared itself independent in the 1990s
a) Chechnya
b) Afghanistan
c) Iraq
d) Kashmir

________ Therapy was Russia's attempt to change their economy from socialist to capitalist.
a) Shock
b) Lightning
c) Thunder
d) Family

The Commonwealth of Independent States was a loose organization of 15 countries that were part of
a) The USSR
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) India

These have consistently damaged the Ozone Layer
a) CFCs
b) WMDs
c) CCFs
d) MDWs

TThe _________ Revolution was where there was an emphasis on growing food.
a) Green
b) Farmers
c) Natural
d) Growers

What is suffrage
a) the right to vote
b) people experiencing bad moments

The U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 because of they suspected Hussein had WMDs.
a) True
b) False

The area where the twin towers collapsed in NYC
a) Ground Zero
b) Zone Zero
c) Impact Zone
d) None of the Above

Where did Flight 93 (4th hijacked plane) crash on September 11, 2001?
a) Shanksville, PA
b) New York, NY
c) Washington D.C.
d) Boston, MA

Leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda
a) Osama Bin Laden
b) Saddham Hussein
c) Anwar Sadat
d) Gamel Nasser

Saddham Hussein was the dictator of _________ who invaded Kuwait during the First Gulf War
a) Iraq
b) Jordan
c) Lebanon
d) Saudi Arabia

President of South Africa who freed Nelson Mandela from 30 years in Prison
a) FW De Klerk
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Stephen Biko
d) Mohandas Gandhi

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