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The Mesoamerican culture that disappeared mysteriously between 400 B.C. and 200 B.C. was the
a) Aztec
b) Olmec
c) Inca
d) Maya

The two Mesoamerican cultures that relied upon the use of a calendar system were the
a) Aztec and Maya
b) Inca and Olmec
c) Maya and Inca
d) Aztec and Olmec

The Mesoamerican culture whose language continues to be spoken by millions of people in South America was
a) Inca
b) Maya
c) Olmec
d) Aztec

The evidence found at the Mesoamerican sites of Tenochtitlan and Machu Picchu suggests that these societies
a) practiced a monotheistic religion
b) were highly developed and organized cultures
c) followed a democratic system
d) consisted of hunters and gatherers

Mayan religion was closely connected to
a) Warfare
b) Agriculture
c) Science
d) Medicine

Which of the following did NOT contribute to the decline of the Mayan culture?
a) Farming methods worn out the soil
b) Warfare between city-states broke out
c) Alien abduction of the city-states
d) Peasants revolted and overthrew the nobility

The Yucatan peninsula culture that developed the only complete writing system in early America was the
a) Aztec
b) Olmec
c) Maya
d) Inca

The Mesoamerican culture that was dominated by the military was the
a) Inca
b) Aztec
c) Maya
d) Olmec

The two most advanced Native American civilizations were the
a) Maya and Inca
b) Aztec and Maya
c) Olmec and Aztec
d) Aztec and Inca

Which of the following civilizations inhabited modern day Mexico and Central America?
a) Inca
b) Swahili
c) Maya
d) Navajo

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