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Who made our country's first flag?
a) James Buchanan
b) Ben Franklin
c) William Penn
d) Betsy Ross

Our first flag had _________ stars.
a) 13
b) 50
c) 12
d) 5

William Penn named Pennsylvania after who?
a) Betsy Ross
b) His Mother
c) His Father
d) The King of England

Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape the south using what?
a) Subway
b) Bus System
c) Train
d) Underground Railroad

What is a civil war?
a) A war fought between 2 people.
b) A war fought between 2 countries.
c) A war fought between people in the same country.
d) A war involving the whole world.

Who was our 15th president?
a) George Washington
b) James Buchannan
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin made all the following except what?
a) stove
b) bifocals
c) speedometer
d) underground railroad

Ben Franklin planned all of the following except what?
a) first public library
b) first fire fighting company in Philadelphia
c) first police in Philadelphia
d) first store in Philadelphia

William Penn founded what city?
a) Harrisburg
b) Pittsburgh
c) Philadelphia
d) Lebanon

Pennsylvania means what?
a) Woods from Pennsylvania
b) Penn's Woods
c) William Penn
d) Land of many woods

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