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One disadvantage of capturing audio using a 44kHz sampling rate with 16 bit sample is:
a) It cannot be stored on CD's.
b) Original audio material isn't available at 44kHz
c) The audio files lack fidelity
d) The audio files are quite large

Which bit depth allows for a 256 color palette?
a) 4-bit color
b) 8-bit color
c) 32-bit color
d) 16-bit color

What is the most commonly used input device?
a) Speaker
b) Keyboard
c) Scanner
d) Monitor

A measure of how much data can pass through a transmission wire or over a computer network in a given amount of time is known as?
a) connection
b) bandwidth
c) compression
d) optimization

Which type of graphic image will NOT distort or pixelate when you increase its physical dimensions (width and height)?
a) GIF
b) Bitmap
c) Vector

What is a Java applet?
a) A video editor only.
b) A word processing program used to generate web pages
c) A program that loads, displays, and runs in a web browser.
d) A text editor only.

What is an HTML tag?
a) Code that tells the browser how to display the information in an HTML document.
b) Protocol used to connect to the Internet.
c) Mathematical logarithms to compress web video
d) Code that tells the browser to open.

Knowledge of photography is an important principle in multimedia because:
a) Most multimedia designers are also photographers.
b) Multimedia frames are very similar to the composition of a photograph.
c) Video cameras are similar to still camera.
d) All multimedia programs have photographs in them.

One of the most time consuming consideration in producing 3-D graphics is known as?
a) key framing
b) compositing
c) rendering
d) texture mapping

What file format is most common for displaying high-resolution photos on the Internet?
a) Targa
b) GIF
d) JPG

Which of the following is NOT considered a work-based learning experience?
a) A job shadow.
b) A field trip to a multimedia company.
c) A lecture from an industry professional.
d) Reading a book on the history of animation.

One advantage of capturing audio using a 22kHz sampling rate with 8 bit resolution is:
a) The audio files are not so large.
b) The audio files have great fidelity.
c) Original audio material isn't very often available at 44kHz.
d) It closely matches red book CD's.

Web pages that change based on user and database inputs are called?
a) plugin
b) static
c) dynamic
d) frame

The ability of an operating system to run more than one program at a time, that is, to juggle tasks is called:
a) TI line
b) multitasking
c) network
d) dual processor

Which of the following is NOT a possible use of a table in a web page?
a) To hold a video clip.
b) To hold a graphic.
c) To organize text.
d) To process code

Stock collections probably would NOT contain which kind of media?
a) stories
b) photographs
c) music
d) video

Commercial motion pictures create the impression of movement by showing a rapid sequence of pictures to the audience. The closest technique in multimedia to motion picture is:
a) MIDI sequencer message
b) analog to digital conversion
c) frame-based animation
d) digital sampling wave files

Whose responsibility is it to make sure a team project is complete?
a) The entire team
b) The audio/video specialist
c) The graphic designer
d) The programmer

Which of the following is good use of bandwidth?
a) Hiding large portions of text within the HTML document.
b) Playing MIDI files as instead of WAV music files.
c) Keeping unnecessary colors in a graphic.
d) Rendering an image at a higher dpi/ppi than necessary.

A need has been defined that Most beginning kindergarten students cannot recognize letters of the alphabet. Which of the following instructional goals are OUTSIDE the scope of this need?
a) Help kindergarten students to memorize the alphabet.
b) Help kindergarten students pick the correct letter from a pool of letters.
c) Teach kindergarten students to identify the 26 letters of the alphabet.
d) Teach kindergarten students to form letters into words.

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