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The Bill of Rights was written for several reasons. Which reason belongs in the list below?
a) The Bill of Rights forces citizens to testify in court.
b) The Bill of Rights clearly defines the rights of the citizens.
c) The Bill of Rights identifies which religion citizens should choose.
d) The Bill of Rights allows anyone, regardless of age, the right to carry a gun.

Where did Rosa Parks challenge segregation by refusing to give up her seat on the bus?
a) Chicago, Illinois
b) Montgomery, Alabama
c) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
d) Los Angeles, California

The dust bowl, falling prices, banks failing, and the New Deal are all associated with the
a) Civil War.
b) Great Migration.
c) Spanish-American War.
d) Great Depression.

Harry Truman became president of the United States after Franklin Roosevelt died. Truman had to make a decision on how to end the war with Japan. He chose to
a) wait until Japanese political and military leaders asked to surrender.
b) use atomic bombs to force the Japanese to surrender.
c) prepare for an invasion that would have cost many American lives.
d) form a blockade to prevent Japan from getting aid.

One of the most important new technologies is the personal use of computers. How have computers changed America?
a) They have made it more difficult for people to communicate.
b) They have made it easier for people to communicate.
c) They have forced the government to limit the sale of computers.
d) They have forced the telephone companies out of business.

Many people lost their jobs during the Great Depression. People did not have money to pay for necessities, such as shelter, food, and clothing. The national government responded with President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, a program that
a) forced people to use charities to help them provide for their needs.
b) provided new ways for people to apply for unemployment insurance.
c) provided programs to help people make money to provide for their needs.
d) forced people to join the military forces to make money for their needs.

The Bill of Rights includes the first ten amendments of the Constitution. Which of these rights is included in this document?
a) People will be tried without an attorney.
b) People will not be allowed to bear arms.
c) People have the right to a speedy trial.
d) People must choose the religion set forth by the government.

The issue of slavery was a primary cause of the American Civil War. What was one other major issue that led to the war between the states?
a) states setting their own borders
b) drought in the South destroying the cotton crop
c) states having more power than the national government
d) construction of factories in the South

During the 1920s, Harlem became a major center for African American business and other activities. This period was called the Harlem Renaissance. What specific reasons made this title appropriate?
a) Harlem also attracted people from other countries of the world that introduced their cultures.
b) A major program of building repair and construction took place.
c) Harlem changed its form of city government to serve the people.
d) African Americans in Harlem found a good environment for expression in literature, art, and music.

The Great Depression was an economic slowdown in the 1920s and 1930s. Which of the following was one cause of the Great Depression in the United States?
a) the high price of oil
b) the end of the gold rush
c) the ending of World War II
d) the crash of the stock exchange

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