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Fur-Fari Dog Groomers bathes dogs. When the dog groomer buys dog shampoo, what role does he have in the economic system?
a) producers
b) consumers
c) productive
d) comparative

Which person worked to secure women's right to vote?
a) Rosa Parks
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Eleanor Roosevelt
d) Mary McLeod Bethune

Which one of these is the best example of a person wanting to be an entrepreneur of a service?
a) Casey donating her toys to charity
b) Dillion trading his baseball cards
c) Sarah pet sitting her neighbor's pets for a price
d) Veronica buying lemonade at the neighborhood pool

Laura wants to write a letter asking that a state law be written that would make the school year longer. Which answer identifies the person she should contact?
a) the Mayor
b) the Governor
c) the President
d) the Principal

One of the important parts of economics is interdependence. Which of the following is an example of interdependence?
a) People make their own clothing.
b) People often move to places that aren't as crowded.
c) People need goods and services provided by other people.
d) People grow their own food.

The president of the United States has checks over the other two branches of government. Which is a check the president has over the judicial branch?
a) deciding the meaning of a law
b) making a treaty with another country
c) nominating a Supreme Court justice
d) rejecting a law passed by congress

Which of the following situations will MOST LIKELY make the price of an item go down?
a) The price of the natural resources needed to make the item increases.
b) The supply of the item is greater than the demand for it.
c) The price of the labor needed to make the item increases.
d) The demand for the item is greater than the supply of the item.

What do we call the people who are elected to serve in the state government?
a) presidents and vice presidents
b) teachers and principals
c) mayors and councilmen
d) senators and representatives

The United States government has three parts or branches. Which part decides if laws are fair?
a) the Congress
b) the president
c) the governor
d) the Supreme Court

The United States Constitution divides the national government into three branches, and includes a system of checks and balances. What is the purpose of dividing the government and having checks and balances?
a) to carry out the laws passed by Congress and the President
b) to settle differences about the meaning of the laws
c) to approve bills before they go to the President
d) to keep one branch from becoming more powerful than the other two

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