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Rome set an example of a written set of laws with the creation of
a) Ashoka’s Edicts
b) Hammurabi's Code
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The Twelve Tables

What overrules actions by government officials that is thought to be unfair.
a) tribune
b) veto
c) aristocrats
d) votes

Where did the Assembly of 6000 debate, make decisions, and approve laws.
a) China
b) India
c) Greece
d) Rome

A ______________ is a form of government with elected leaders.
a) monarchy
b) democracy
c) republic
d) tyranny

In Rome, who served as judges?
a) Plebians
b) Patricians
c) Consuls
d) Senators

In rome, who appointed other government officials?
a) Plebians
b) Patricians
c) Consuls
d) Senators

The government of Greece was a
a) republic
b) empire
c) democracy

The government of Rome was a
a) democracy
b) republic
c) tyranny
d) monarchy

These were the foundation of Roman Law
a) Twelve Tables
b) Nine Notes
c) Five Photos
d) Two Tablets

To refuse to approve proposals of government made by the senate
a) legislate
b) veto
c) negate
d) ratify

What resulted when the people of Rome rose up to overthrow the monarchy?
a) tyranny
b) oligarchy
c) republic
d) democracy

In what civilization was the Council of 500?
a) China
b) India
c) Greece
d) Rome

What group was in charge of the Roman military?
a) Consuls
b) Plebians
c) Patricians
d) Senators

How long did a Roman Senator serve?
a) 4 years
b) 6 years
c) 8 years
d) For life

Ancient Rome was located in what is now the country of
a) Greece
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) England

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