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Which of these locations was the most favorable for growing crops and raising livestock?
a) a river valley
b) a desert
c) a forest
d) the tundra

The characteristic of early civilizations in which different people perform different jobs is called
a) irrigation
b) division of labor
c) economic surplus
d) navigation

Taoism focuses on a simple, natural lifestyle, Confucianism focuses on
a) the belief in Nirvana
b) strong family relationships
c) the five pillars
d) the self or soul called the Atman

a) believed in the importance of Greek gods.
b) began the Hellensitic period in Greece.
c) taught his students to learn by asking questions.
d) was an important Greek mathematician.

Aqueducts in Ancient Rome were used to
a) make building easier.
b) fight against invaders.
c) bring water to the cities.
d) worship the Roman gods.

The period of Roman peace was known as
a) the Hellenistic period.
b) the Pax Romana
c) the Golden Age of Rome
d) the Age of Caesars.

In India's caste system everyone
a) took turns doing the unpleasant work of society.
b) was born into a certain status and remained in it his/her entire lives.
c) took examinations to get government jobs.
d) was free to practice the religion of his or her choice.

Which of the following was NOT a major contribution of ancient Chinese civilizations?
a) keystones
b) seismograph
c) paper
d) gunpowder

During the Middle Ages, a knight was
a) the ruler of a manor.
b) a squire's assistant.
c) a special kind of soldier.
d) the next in line to become king.

The Magna Carta gave rights to
a) the peasants
b) the Roman Catholic Church
c) the nobility
d) the king.

Which of the following was a result of the Crusades?
a) The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church united.
b) The Crusaders defeated the Muslims and took back the city of Jerusalem.
c) The Roman Catholic Church accepted Protestantism
d) The Crusaders brought back many products from Africa and Asia.

Feudalism was damaged and declined due to
a) the Black death.
b) the circumnavigation of the world.
c) the fall of Rome.
d) the iconoclasts.

The strict, but fair, code of laws developed in the Byzantine Empire was called the
a) Magna Carta
b) Twelve Tables
c) Justinian Code
d) Mandate of Heaven

Salt was important to ancient African civilizations because it was used
a) to preserve food.
b) to dry wood.
c) to keep homes warm.
d) in religious ceremonies.

Which of the following was NOT a contribution of the Golden Age of China?
a) woodblock printing
b) playing chess and checkers
c) new forms of literature
d) feudalism

The most important lord in Japanese feudalism was
a) samurai.
b) bushido.
c) daiymo.
d) shogun.

Which of the following was a contribution of Maya civilization?
a) carved giant stone heads
b) metalworking
c) a calendar
d) libraries

Who made the statue of David and painted the ceiling of Sistene Chapel?
a) Michelangelo
b) Galileo
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Alexander the Great

Humanists believed that
a) people should study the teachings of the Catholic Church.
b) people should learn as much as possible to be well-rounded.
c) people should learn a trade, like blacksmithing.
d) people should study archaeology.

Who was responsible for starting the Protestant Reformation?
a) John Calvin
b) Pope Leo X
c) Johannes Gutenberg
d) Martin Luther

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