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A break in a football match is called:
a) interval
b) final whistle
c) half time

A person who is in the different team is your:
a) opponent
b) spectator
c) audience

You can buy tickets at a _______
a) plot
b) box office
c) row

If you want to see the stage in the theatre well, you should buy ticket in:
a) stalls
b) a circle
c) matinee

If there are lots of people in a classroom, it's
a) spooky
b) creepy
c) cramped

He doesn't have any qualifications, he's ___.
a) unskilled
b) inskilled
c) diskilled

He has to work 2 _____ - the morning and evening ones.
a) changings
b) shifts
c) shafts

Apart _____ gold, you can buy other items.
a) from
b) of
c) out

Knights usually rode on their ____.
a) mounts
b) mints
c) minks

His ____ are very low, but at least he can buy food and pay his rent.
a) industries
b) shares
c) wages

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