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A student pushes on an object with a force of 6 newtons and the object does not move. What force does the object exert on the student’s hands?
a) 0 N
b) 3 N
c) 6 N
d) 12 N

When the roller coaster rolls onto a flat section of track, what force would ultimately bring it to a stop if no other forces are added?
a) gravity
b) weight
c) friction
d) acceleration

The box is being pushed to the right with a force of 300 newtons, and to the left with a force of 400 newtons.
a) 300 newtons
b) 400 newtons
c) 700 newtons
d) 100 newtons

Arturo ran a 3,000-meter race. His running time from start to finish was 10 minutes. What was Arturo’s average speed?
a) 5 m/s
b) 50 m/s
c) 100 m/s
d) 300 m/s

A car is traveling on a highway at a constant velocity. Which statement best describes the forces acting on the car?
a) The forces acting on the car are balanced.
b) The forces acting on the car are in the same direction.
c) The forces acting on the car are continuing to increase.
d) The forces acting on the car are equal to the force of gravity.

Marcus pushes against a refrigerator with a force of 300 newtons (N) to the right. Kelli pushes against the refrigerator with a force of 360 N to the left.How much additional force could Marcus apply in order to overcome the force applied by Kelli?
a) 60 N to the right
b) 65 N to the right
c) 365 N to the left
d) 660 N to the left

Two students pull on a rope with 100 N in opposite directions. If the student on the left increased her force to 125 N, the rope would most likely
a) go from rightward acceleration to leftward acceleration.
b) go from motionless to leftward acceleration.
c) decrease its leftward acceleration.
d) decrease its rightward acceleration.

Students observed a turtle in the schoolyard. They measured the distance that the turtle traveled in 30 minutes. If the turtle walked 40 meters in that time, what was its average speed?
a) 0.75 m/h
b) 20 m/s
c) 80 m/h
d) 1,200 m/h

Which is most likely needed when describing the change in position of an object?
a) initial speed
b) direction change
c) reference point
d) constant rate

An airplane flies in a straight line between two cities that are separated by 840 kilometers. If it takes 4 hours for the airplane to make the trip, what is its average speed?
a) 84 km/h
b) 105 km/h
c) 180 km/h
d) 210 km/h

While Brandon pushes the object and it remains in contact with the ramp, which force has the greatest affect on causing it to slow?
a) the applied force
b) a frictional force
c) the force due to gravity
d) a force of air resistance

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