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The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place is known
a) weather
b) climate
c) precipitation
d) humidity

What advantages do weather satellites have over surface weather instruments?
a) They collect data over a broader area
b) They collect more accurate data
c) They collect data over longer periods of time
d) They are built and launched by many countries

What creates an El Nino condition?
a) The prevailing winds do not blow normally near the Pacific Ocean
b) The ocean currents flow in the opposite directions along the equator
c) The shape of the coast changes and fish populations decline
d) Storms and other events in the Atlantic Ocean create it

Why are states in the mid-central United States more likely to have tornadoes than other areas?
a) The cold dry air from Canada contacts warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico
b) Their buildings are poorly made structures that do not resist strong winds
c) The Coriolis Effect is stronger over land that is flat and farther from the ocean
d) The lack of mountains to stop the winds from blowing allows tornadoes to form

What type of weather is associated with an incoming low pressure system?
a) Warm temperatures, wind
b) Clear skies, cold weather
c) cloudy, hot weather
d) Clear skies, hot weather

These occur between 30 degrees north and the equator
a) Trade winds
b) Prevailing Easterlies
c) Prevailing Westerlies
d) Doldrums

What do the Santa Ana winds and the Fohn have in common?
a) They are both influenced by mountain ranges
b) They both occur around the equator
c) They both occur at 10 km in the atmosphere
d) They both occur in areas of high pressure

What happens immediately after a hurricane makes landfall?
a) It gets weaker
b) It gets stronger
c) Its winds pick up speed
d) It starts hailing

The air is only holding one third as much moisture as it possibly can hold. What is the relative humidity?
a) 33%
b) 50%
c) 67%
d) 25%

What will happen if the relative humidity is 100% and the temperature begins falling?
a) It will start to rain
b) The air will be sticky and uncomfortable
c) The temperature will rise
d) The barometric pressure will rise

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