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Which relationship is mutualistic?
a) an insect tht lives and feeds on the body of an alligator
b) an ant lives on a plant and defends the plant from other insects
c) a bird that migrates to follow the movements of the butterflies as it eats
d) a deer that eats one kind of plant, which allows another kind of plant to grow in its place.

Which of the following is the NOT an example of biotic factor?
a) plants
b) flowers
c) air
d) reptiles

Which of the following is an example of an abiotic factor?
a) water
b) trees
c) mammals
d) fish

Which of the following word pairs are both biotic factors?
a) turtles and trees
b) water and plants
c) sunlight and air
d) plants and sunlight

How do young spiders know how to build webs?
a) They watch parent spiders
b) the learn from practicing every day
c) Baby spiders build webs in the egg sac
d) they inherit the knowledge as an instinct

Why are there so few plant that live at the ground level in a tropical rainforest?
a) The forest floor contains many decomposers
b) sunlight is blocked by tall, leaf-covered plants
c) Rainfall is absorbed by the flat, broad tree leaves
d) The temperature is extremely low most of the year

Which example shows a relationship between a living thing and a non-living thing?
a) An insect is food for a salmon
b) Water carries a rock downstream
c) a tree removes a gas from the air
d) a flower makes food for a butterfly

Over a long period of time, some flowering plant have become dependent on honeybees to fertilize their seeds. In recent years, a form of mite has infected and killed the honeybees. The once bee-dependent plant have the best chance of surviving by
a) grow taller so that the few remaining honeybees will find them
b) change their flowers so that wind will fertilize them
c) have ways attracted many other insects as well as honeybees
d) have seeds tht stay alive for a long time in the environment

Which of the following is an example of organisms becoming dormant?
a) birds flying south in the winter
b) plants flowering in the summer
c) trees losing their leaves in the fall
d) earthworms living underground all year

Cactus live in desert environments. Which characteristic of this plant could be found in many other desert plants?
a) a deep root system for gathering water
b) lush growth that serves to trap water if it rains
c) broad leaves that protect the plants from the hot sun
d) leaves and stems that are adapted to conserve water

A plant on the counter is bent and growing toward the kitchen window. What most likely caused the plant to bend this way?
a) fertilizer
b) gravity
c) heat
d) light

Which organism would most likely have a predator-prey relationship?
a) tapeworm and dog
b) barnacle and whale
c) hawk and mouse
d) rabbit and grass

How do moose use a learned behavior to protect themselves?
a) They have hollow hair to keep warm in the winter
b) They roll around in a pool of muddy water to avoid fly bites.
c) They have keen hearing to sense danger in the forest.
d) The use their wide hooves to prevent sinking in deep snow.

Which statement explains why ducklings follow their mother when swimming across a pond?
a) Survival behavior is acquired by interaction with the parent duck
b) Survival behavior is learned by interacting with their environment
c) Inherited behavior is genetically obtained through their environment
d) Inherited behavior is genetically passed on from parents to offspring

Loggerhead turtles in the Atlantic Ocean return to lay their eggs on the same beaches where they hatched. Scientist have observed that this sense allows them to use Earth's magnetic field. Which term best describes the turtle's ability?
a) diversity
b) succession
c) habitat
d) adaptation

The Venus flytrap plant lives in soil with few nutrients. The plant absorbs nutrients by trapping insects inside its leaves. The ability of the Venus flytrap to trap insects is an example of which of the following:
a) Adaptation
b) Parasitism
c) Cooperation
d) Competition

A tick feeds on the blood of a deer and can transmit diseases. Which of the following terms describes the relationship between the tick and the deer?
a) predation
b) competition
c) parasitism
d) mutualism

Western coral snakes have a striped color pattern and are poisonous. Arizona mountain kingsnakes look like western coral snakes but are not poisonous. The color pattern of the Arizona mountain kingsnake is an example of
a) camouflage
b) mimicry
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

The artic fox and gray wolf are two examples of animals that change the color of their fur with the seasons. In the summer, the animals are a brownish color, and in the winter, they turn white. The change of color helps how?
a) The color change helps protect them from predators.
b) The color change helps them raise their young.
c) The color change helps them regulate their body temperature.
d) The color change helps them be seen from great distance.

A caterpillar has two very large spots tht look like eyes as it moves. How do these large false eyes help the caterpillar to survive?
a) The allow the caterpillar to see farther that other insects
b) They allow the caterpillar to scare away predators
c) They all the caterpillar to move around at night
d) They allow the caterpillar to find more food.

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