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Why did colonists prefer captialism?
a) it allowed them to make money for themselves and not just the king
b) it allowed them to give more money to the king
c) it allowed them to borrow a business from the king
d) it allowed them to live servant free

What is capitalism based on?
a) government ownership of business and property
b) private ownership of business and property
c) church ownership of business and property
d) monarch ownership of business and property

European monarchs preferred mercantilism, because __
a) it gave church more power
b) it gave slaves more power
c) it gave the colonists more power
d) it gave the monarchs more power

All of the following continents were directly involved in the Columbian Exchange EXCEPT __
a) Africa
b) North America
c) Asia
d) Europe

A new economic theory known as mercantilism encouraged Europeans to build colonies. The goal for mercantilism was to ___
a) increase foreign imports
b) acquire gold and silver through conquest
c) allow merchants to own their own business and make a profit
d) reduce government involvement in business

China and Japan did not like Europeans bringing their culture and religion to Asia. What policy did China and Japan follow as a result of their reaction to European colonialism?
a) expansionism
b) isolationism
c) mercantilism
d) globalism

Why did the Europeans treat the Asian traders equally?
a) they wanted to learn more about their culture
b) they wanted to borrow their ships for trade
c) they had already had colonies in the Americas
d) they were just as advanced if not more than the Europeans

Which of the following European countries built plantation colonies in what is now the Southeastern region of the United States?
a) Spain
b) Britain (England)
c) Portugal
d) France

How did the Triangular Trade affect the continent of Africa?
a) It lead to decreased travel to Africa
b) Some African nations nearly disappeared while others grew rich.
c) It led to economic ruin for all African nations
d) It caused tension between African adn Asian merchants

Vasco da Gama found the first all-water route to Asia for what country?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Netherlands
d) Portugal

Which of the following was NOT a reason for Europeans colonizing the Americans?
a) to get raw materials to make money
b) to find religious freedom
c) to make money
d) to get African slaves

Trading post empires were the most loosely controlled settlements. The largest trading post empire in North America was built by ___.
a) France
b) Netherlands
c) Portugal
d) Spain

All of the following inventions helped early European explorers navigate at sea except the ___.
a) rudder
b) compass
c) astrolabe
d) steam engine

How did gunpowder help the European explorers in their discoveries?
a) they used it to entertain the natives
b) they used it to heal the natives
c) they used it to overtake the natives
d) they used it to power their ships

Ocean currents played an important role in exploration. The best way European sailors learned to handle ocean currents was by ___.
a) ignoring them
b) ridiing with them
c) staying in sight of land
d) going against them

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