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If you are on a seesaw and want your friend to go down, use a force that is a
a) push.
b) pull.
c) lever.
d) pulley.

Today weather forecasting is better because of the use of
a) barometers.
b) telescopes.
c) satellites.
d) anemometers.

When you walk on the sidewalk and roll your bike, the force you use is a
a) pull
b) pulley
c) push
d) lever

Which MOST LIKELY would cause the greatest harm to a pond community?
a) building birdhouses near the pond
b) planting a tree next to the pond
c) spraying chemicals to kill the insects
d) picking a few water plants

All of the following adaptations are used by penguins to keep warm EXCEPT
a) an insulating layer of blubber.
b) closely packed feathers.
c) a short, sharp beak.
d) a dense coat of two-layered feathers.

A star's surface temperature is indicated by its
a) brightness.
b) color.
c) distance.
d) mass.

Hilda shouts hey in an empty hall at the shopping mall. The sound bounces off the walls and she hears hey over and over again. Hilda has just made
a) a recording.
b) an echo.
c) a circuit.
d) a wavelength.

Which will melt ice the fastest?
a) Cup
b) Spoon
c) Refrigerator
d) Candle

The letter H is the weather symbol for
a) hail storms.
b) humidity.
c) hurricane.
d) high pressure.

The Moon revolves around Earth approximately every
a) 15 days.
b) 28 days.
c) 10 days.
d) 7 days.

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