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How did the building of the Hoover Dam help California and Arizona prosper?
a) It ended the Dust Bowl
b) It promoted jobs for Social Security.
c) There was agricultural development.
d) It forced workers to retire, creating new jobs.

Which branch of the government decides if a law is constitutional?
a) the Executive Branch
b) the Judicial Branch
c) the Legislative Branch
d) the Presidential Branch

Why were blacksmiths important as colonial craftsmen?
a) They made horseshoes and other farm tools.
b) They grew wheat and corn in the New England Colonies.
c) They made canoes so the colonists could travel by river.
d) They fought with the Native Americans and taught them how to shoot.

Which colonial area was known as the Breadbasket Colonies because its soil and climate were ideal for growing wheat?
a) New England
b) Mid-Atlantic
c) Southern
d) Western frontier

What was the purpose of the Preamble to our Constitution?
a) The Preamble was a famous speech given by President Lincoln about our Constitution.
b) The Preamble was a newspaper written about the need to free slaves.
c) The Preamble was written to explain the purpose of the Declaration of Independence.
d) The Preamble was written to explain the purpose of the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence said, All men are created equal. What did this mean to the colonists?
a) Only certain people should have freedom.
b) The people were as important as the king.
c) The 13 colonists wanted to remain dependent.
d) George Washington was a great leader during the Revolution.

How did Benedict Arnold betray our country?
a) He wrote a letter to President Lincoln about the war.
b) He fought on the side of the French during the War of 1812.
c) He used a spy to attack George Washington on Christmas Eve.
d) He aided the British during the Revolutionary War by planning to surrender to them.

There were people in the English colonies in North America who had more power in the decisions being made by the government. Which group had the MOST power in colonial governments?
a) slaves
b) wealthy landowners
c) women
d) indentured servants

The early 1800s saw many technological changes in the United States. The greatest change in communication was the use of the
a) telephone.
b) computer.
c) telegraph.
d) radar.

Because farming was difficult in the New England colonies, what industry became popular?
a) teaching
b) medicine
c) slavery
d) shipbuilding

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