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How are viruses used in medical biotechnology?
a) cloning
b) gene therapy
c) DNA sequencing
d) curing diseases

What is involved in creating genetically modified bacteria?
a) allowing them to reproduce freely
b) changing their food source
c) using biotechnology techniques
d) growing them on selected plants

Which is a way the agricultural biotechnology industry could have a positive impact on the environment?
a) by producing crops that are virus resistant
b) by making robots to replace large farm machines
c) by increasing the use of wind farms that produce electricity
d) by reducing the need for countries to import food

Which of the these careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely pursue?
a) agriculture research
b) geology
c) astronomoy
d) electrical engineering

Golden rice is a bioengineered form of rice that has a high vitamin a content. What is golden rice attempting to do?
a) grow rice in salty soil
b) create rice that contains more nutrients
c) grow rice under drought conditions
d) create better looking rice

A student wants to be a bioengineer. Which of the following fields would not be a proper field of study for him to choose in college?
a) social studies
b) biochemistry
c) microbiology
d) pharmacology

Which of the following is NOT a criticism of transgenic crops?
a) They can cross pollinate with wild plants
b) They can cause allergies in humans
c) They can cause unknown diseases in humans
d) They do not grow as large or produce as much

Which of the following is NOT a strategy for increasing crop yields?
a) decreasing number of crop plants
b) decreasing weeds
c) decreasing pests
d) increasing the growth rate of the crop plant

What would be the result of removing all bacteria from the intestine of a human?
a) improved digestion
b) decreased vitamin a absorption
c) more digestive problems
d) increased disease resistance

Which agriculture problem is biotechnology attempting to solve?
a) cleaning environmental toxins with microbes
b) lessening effects of environmental stressors on plants
c) generating genetically identical offspring
d) curing human diseases

What is one benefit of genetically engineered plants?
a) They allow crops to be grown in many different climates
b) They are renewable resources
c) They use chemicals that harm the Earth
d) They cause allergies

Which of the following is a way forensic scientists used biotechnology?
a) using height and weight of suspects to identify the criminal
b) collecting bullet casings (shells)
c) Collecting soil samples at the crime scene
d) DNA fingerprinting

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