5th Grade Science - Earth Science (1) Question Preview (ID: 24907)

5th Grade Georgia Performance Standards In Earth Science (ignore Geology Subtopic).

How were the Hawaiian islands formed?
a) by an earthquake
b) by volcanoes
c) by tidal waves
d) by wind erosion

Which human activity does NOT help control water runoff?
a) contour plowing
b) planting crops
c) building flood control dams
d) paving with asphalt

The geological process by which material is added to a landform is called
a) sediment.
b) deposition.
c) erosion.
d) weathering.

Water inside a rock crevice can split it apart when the temperature drops because
a) cold water dissolves rock.
b) water expands when it freezes.
c) water causes the growth of plant roots.
d) the cold makes the rock very brittle.

Muddy areas are usually found at the mouths of large rivers. These areas are caused by
a) decayed vegetable matter.
b) underwater volcanoes.
c) soil erosion upstream.
d) mountain building.

What hard-shelled ocean creature attaches itself to rocks, piers, large fish, and other underwater objects?
a) plankton
b) coral
c) barnacle
d) algae

A river flows past several small towns. It has been decided that a dam will be built on the river. How will the dam benefit the towns along the river?
a) It will allow the towns to control flooding along the river.
b) It will increase the fish population along the river.
c) Water will be available for home heating.
d) Water in the river will be much cleaner from the dam.

The flattest part of the ocean floor is the
a) trench.
b) abyssal plain.
c) continental shelf.
d) mid-ocean rift valley.

Which solution helps to control floods?
a) using contour plowing
b) building bridges over rivers that flood
c) building control dams and levees
d) creating deltas at the end of rivers that flood

Which causes some parts of the ocean to be saltier than other parts?
a) cruise ships
b) river sediments
c) fishing industrty
d) ocean organisms

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