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Which of the following is a characteristic of product bundling in the sport/event industry
a) Lower prices
b) higher quality
c) higher prices
d) lower quality

One reason sport/event marketers often bundle extra amenities with tickets is to
a) manage distribution.
b) increase revenue
c) improve coverage
d) control publicity

When developing a preseason booking strategy, the most important factors for a sport/event organization to consider are its timing, target markets, and
a) security issues.
b) geographic origin
c) inventory needs
d) selling methods

When forecasting projected ticket sales for a professional basketball team, sporting event organizers consider the
a) television network broadcast rights.
b) the size of the opponent's stadium.
c) team's performance record.
d) press-box space availability

A successful pre-season booking strategy often involves targeting
a) occasional attendees.
b) current ticket holders.
c) walk-up spectators
d) community organizations

Which of the following is an incentive that sport organizations often use to sell tickets to large groups
a) Advertising
b) discounts
c) publicity
d) merchandising

When planning a major concert for a popular band, what factor do marketers take into consideration because it has the potential to generate significant additional profit?
a) Advertising possibilities
b) Merchandising opportunities
c) Selling requirements
d) Financing arrangements

Which of the following is a type of concession that sports franchises often operate in the sporting facility:
a) Coat-check area
b) Customer-service office
c) Child-care center
d) On-site retail shop

A vendor at the venue for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks wants to sell a product that will generate large revenues on opening day. Which of the following products would most likely generate this revenue:
a) Jerseys featuring a redesigned logo
b) Souvenir programs picturing players
c) Autograph books for children
d) Champion hockey pucks

Concession stands, licensed merchandise, and luxury box seats are some of the goods and services that are usually available at a(n)
a) sport industry conference.
b) formal fund-raising dinner
c) professional football game.
d) art exhibit and street festival

Why do organizers of major events often hire the services of professional lighting and sound companies?
a) To monitor the timing of all event activities
b) To entertain crowds during half-time shows
c) To work with network broadcast crews
d) To install and operate technical systems

Charlie is organizing a dance contest to raise money for the community's recreation center. Which of the following will Charlie need to obtain for the event:
a) Dance floor, athletic equipment, and disk jockey
b) sound system, dance floor, and shoes
c) Disk jockey, dance floor, and sound system
d) Sound system, disk jockey, and flowers

Paramount Entertainment debuts a new ride, Thunder Rapids. Which of the following items would have the most merchandising appeal:
a) A Paramount Entertainment hat
b) An evergreen product
c) A soundtrack of the rapids
d) An I survived Thunder Rapids T-shirt

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