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What did the clock strike to make the mouse run down?
a) 12
b) 1
c) 2
d) 9

What did the baker mark the cake with?
a) D
b) C
c) P
d) B

What make the weasel pop around the mulberry bush?
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Monkey
d) Snake

5 6 pick up what?
a) hens
b) doors
c) shoes
d) sticks

Peter piper picked what?
a) a pickled pepper
b) a pack of pink porkchops
c) a pack of pickled peppers
d) a pink porkchop

Who laughed when the cow jumped over the moon?
a) the little dog
b) the dish
c) the spoon
d) none of the above

Which 2 little piggies are home?
a) 1 and 5
b) 3 and 5
c) 2 and 5
d) 4 and 5

Where did humpty dumpty sit?
a) well
b) wall
c) ground
d) on a bench

Catch a tiger by his what?
a) Toe
b) Tail
c) Head
d) Nail

The ants go what?
a) Dancing
b) Marching
c) Swimming
d) Singging

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