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How many ml of solution are needed to make a 5.78 M solution with 2.98 moles of CaO?
a) 516 ml
b) 0.52 ml
c) 0.0532 ml
d) 53.2 ml

What is the molarity of a solution that contains 122 g of MgSO4 in 3.5 L of solution?
a) 0.271 M
b) 0.630 M
c) 0.550 M
d) 0.290 M

How many moles of KI are present in 0.85 L of a 0.55 M KI solution?
a) 0.4675 mols
b) 3.10 mols
c) 0.935 mols
d) 1.55 mols

If salt is being dissolved into water, salt is the
a) solvent
b) solute
c) dissolvee
d) cool thing

A solute that does NOT conduct electricity is called
a) Electrolyte
b) Solvent
c) Nonelectrolyte
d) Solute

Molality is
a) mols of solute / kg of solvent
b) mols of solvent / kg of solvent
c) mols of solute / kg of solute
d) mols of solvent / kg of solute

What is the molar mass of CuFeS2?
a) 152 g
b) 184 g
c) 3.07 X 10^24
d) 1.108 X 10^26 g

What was the molarity of a solution containing 4.5 moles of NaCl in 100 ml?
a) 45 M
b) 0.078 M
c) 0.045 M
d) 0.776 M

How many grams of KCO3 are needed to make a 22.4 M solution within 3.6 L?
a) 0.81 grams
b) 80.64 moles
c) 99 g
d) 7983.36 g

How many grams of NiCl2 are in 2.56 moles?
a) 332g
b) 0.026 g
c) 253.44 g
d) 1.54 x 10^24 g

0.450 moles of NaCl are dissolved in 95.0 mL of water. Calculate the molarity of the NaCl solution.
a) 0.0047 M
b) 0.21 M
c) 2.1 M
d) 4.7 M

45.0 g of Ca(NO3)2 was used to create a 1.3 M solution. What is the volume of the solution?
a) 0.21 mL
b) 211 mL
c) 360 mL
d) 4.7 mL

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