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A PAC can best be defined as a −
a) Political Action Congress.
b) Partisan Action Committee.
c) Political Alibi Commission.
d) Political Action Committee.

All are functions of PACs except −
a) donate large sums of money to their preferred candidate
b) run television ads about their preferred candidate
c) nominate and recruit their political candidate
d) campaign for their preferred candidate

CAUSE: Rising campaign costs EFFECT: ???
a) EFFECT: Some candidates dropping out due to inadequate international funding
b) EFFECT: Term limits for those borrowing money to finance their campaigns
c) EFFECT: Candidates borrowing money from the Federal Reserve
d) EFFECT: Campaign finance reform

Campaign finance reform is −
a) an effort to limit the amount of money that can be contributed to politicians.
b) an effort to increase the amount of money that can be contributed to politicians.
c) a movement to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state.
d) a movement to give national committees all donations for popular politicians.

Politicians hold fund raising dinners in order to −
a) meet fellow party members.
b) raise money due to rising campaign costs.
c) discuss political strategies.
d) influence constituents to vote for them.

What encourages the development of PACs?
a) increasing number of presidential candidates
b) rising campaign costs
c) lowering cost of TV advertising
d) lack of political party job opportunities

Which is NOT a negative effect of rising campaign costs?
a) Television stations run more campaign ads.
b) Politicians must spend more time raising money.
c) Wealthy individuals have an advantage in campaigning for office.
d) Limits opportunities to run for public office.

In Virginia one must register at least 22 days before Election Day in order to −
a) get your name on the ballot as a candidate.
b) perform your civic duty.
c) be able to vote in the election.
d) be considered a resident of Virginia.

The best predictors used to determine who will vote are −
a) age and gender.
b) age, education, and income.
c) lack of interest and income.
d) length of residency in one place and age.

For many years, voter turnout during elections in the United States has not been high. People give many reasons why they did not vote. Which is the most common reason for poor voter turnout?
a) lack of interest
b) lack of education
c) lack of transportation
d) lack of well-being

The number of electors of each state is based on the state’s −
a) Senators.
b) federal judges representation.
c) sales tax rate.
d) Congressional representation.

The requirements for a majority vote in order to win in the Electoral College favors a −
a) one-party system.
b) two-party system.
c) three-party system.
d) multi-party system.

The Electoral College's primary function in politics is to −
a) nominate candidates for public office.
b) cast the official vote for the winning candidate in the Presidential election.
c) cast the official vote for the winning candidate in the Senate.
d) assist the candidates with the election process.

Sandy and Terry went to each house in their neighborhood and asked people to vote for Ms. Hicks for Mayor. They were −
a) lobbying for a longer summer vacation.
b) selling tickets to a charity dinner.
c) registering people to vote.
d) volunteering in a political campaign.

ANS: A OBJ: 5g Each student in Mrs. Neff’s class wrote a name on a piece of paper and put it in a box. Sherry and Sue opened the box and counted the ballots inside. Josie had the most ballots and was declared class representative. The class was −
a) campaigning for a new lunch menu.
b) studying political flyers.
c) simulating the voting process.
d) holding a debate.

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