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Which is the largest nitrogen sink?
a) water systems
b) biotic components
c) rocks
d) atmosphere

What do plants do with fixed nitrogen?
a) They nitrify it.
b) They assimilate it.
c) They ammonify it.
d) They can't use it.

Which is created during nitrogen fixation by biotic processes?
a) NH3, ammonia
b) NH4+, ammonium
c) N2, nitrogen
d) NO3-, nitrate

During nitrification, bacteria convert ________ into ________.
a) NO3- NH4+ or nitrates into ammonium
b) N2O N2 or nitrous oxide into nitrogen
c) NH4+ NO3- or ammonium into nitrates
d) N2 N2O or nitrogen into nitrous oxide

Which step is not performed by bacteria?
a) assimilation
b) nitrogen fixation
c) denitrification
d) ammonification

Which step returns nitrogen back to the atmosphere?
a) nitrification
b) nitrogen fixation
c) denitrification
d) ammonification

In the process of converting NH4+ to NO3-, the intermediate molecule is ____
a) nitrogen, N2
b) ammonia, NH3
c) nitrite, NO2-
d) nitrous oxide, N2O

Nitrogen makes up _______ of the atmosphere.
a) 45%
b) 78%
c) 23%
d) 64%

Nitrogen is considered a limiting nutrient because
a) Plants are mostly made of nitrogen and therefore need lots of it.
b) It is easily leached out of the soil into the ground water which it pollutes.
c) It stays suspended in the atmosphere and can't get to the roots.
d) it's so difficult to break the nitrogen triple bond and make it available for plants.

The sequence of the nitrogen cycle is _
a) assimilation, fixation, ammonification, nitrification, denitirification
b) fixation, ammonification, assimilation, denitrification, nitrification
c) fixation, assimilation, ammonification, nitrification, denitrification
d) nitrification, assimilation, fixation, denitrification, ammonification

Which molecule(s) is(are) created during denitrification?
a) nitrogen
b) ammonia
c) nitrates
d) ammonium

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