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Which can have the most impact on a political election?
a) the church
b) the mass media
c) political action committees
d) campaign speeches

When a TV station provides free commercials to only one particular candidate, the station is showing −
a) propaganda in hopes of influencing voters.
b) a biased perspective.
c) their personal relationship with the candidate.
d) this candidate’s spot simply to fill air time.

The media play a very important role in the political process of elections. They help −
a) highlight campaign issues and community concerns.
b) to select candidates that will be popular with voters.
c) by broadcasting their preferred point of view.
d) by broadcasting jokes or publishing cartoons.

In what way can the news media impact an election?
a) They do not have an impact on an election.
b) They can decline to put politics on the broadcast.
c) Identify the candidate and broadcast different views to inform the public.
d) They can tell you which candidate to choose.

A political party brochure is NOT a good source because –
a) it does not identify the candidate.
b) too many viewpoints are given on all the candidates.
c) only wealthy individuals receive the brochure.
d) it is a biased viewpoint.

To evaluate advertisements accurately, one must −
a) use the scientific method.
b) separate fact from opinion.
c) believe propaganda.
d) read editorials.

All are examples of mass media except −
a) Television
b) Radio
c) Books
d) Community Meetings

What should informed voters always do?
a) vote Republican
b) vote Democratic
c) learn about the issues to make decisions about voting
d) give money to the candidates

When a voter is considering which candidate to support, it is most helpful to −
a) rely on propaganda techniques for factual information.
b) read information from reliable, unbiased sources.
c) read editorials from all the local papers.
d) listen to the opinions of your neighbors.

More people vote during a -
a) Presidential election.
b) gubernatorial election.
c) Congressional election.
d) mayoral election.

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