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Which planet has the GREATEST role in changing the direction of a comets path?
a) Earth, because of it's atmosphere of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.
b) Mars, because of it's position near the astroid belt.
c) Jupiter, because of its strong gravitational force.
d) Saturn, because of its ring structure.

Which statement describes two factors that have the GREATEST influence on tides?
a) Earth rotates on it's axis once each day, the gravity of the Moon causes the oceans to bulge.
b) Earth rotates on it's axis once each year, adn the gravity of the Moon causes the oceans to bulge.
c) the Earth revolves around the Sun once each year, and the gravity of Earth causes teh oceans to bulge.
d) Earth revolves around the Sun once each day, and the gravity of the Sun causes the oceans to bulge.

Which energy source can be described as having the GREATEST impact on Earth's living environments?
a) the Sun
b) moving air
c) moving water
d) geothermal

Which type of moving water provides the BEST environment for organisms that decompose dead organic matter?
a) a shallow river with cold clear water and a sandy bottom.
b) a slow-moving river with a wide, open channel.
c) a rapid moving stream wtih a narrow, steep channel.
d) a steep mountiain stream that flows when snow melts in the spring.

Which statement BEST describes a dominant gene?
a) A gene that produces mutations.
b) A gene that masks a recessive gene.
c) A gene that produces a desireable trait.
d) A gene that is masked by a recessive gene.

Which statement describes how recycling aluminum cans positively affects the environment?
a) recycling makes solid waste.
b) recycling uses energy
c) recycling produces air pollution.
d) recycling conserves mineral resources

Which of the following describes one way scientists use seismographs?
a) to view distant stars and planets.
b) to measure the mass of objects.
c) to help record atmospheric temperature changes.
d) to help determine the composition of Earth's interior.

Which statement explains a long-term health effect of vaccinating people for a disease like measles or malaria?
a) Vaccinated individuals would become carriers of the disease.
b) The disease would be completely eliminated.
c) The risk of contracting teh disease would be reduced.
d) Body cells would mutate to produce a new disease strain.

Which question about the Allegheny River can BEST be answered through scientific inquiry?
a) Will this river be a fun place to visit?
b) How many species of fish are present in the river?
c) Will fishing be popular on this river in five years?
d) How much money should be spent to manage this river?

What does a barometer do?
a) it measures temperature changes.
b) it measures pressure changes.
c) it measures cloud precipitation.
d) it measures wind speed.

Which physical property causes clouds to form from water vapor in the air?
a) sublimation
b) evaporation
c) distillation
d) condensation

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