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In graphic design, what generally shows choices for possible page layouts?
a) Thumbnails
b) Drafts
c) Plates
d) Roughs

In graphic design, paste-ups were designs that were developed manually in the past. how are they developed today?
a) computer
b) plate burner
c) printing press
d) process camera

In video design, what helps people visualize each shot with regards to things such as lighting requirements, sound, and dialog?
a) Storyboards
b) Rough footage
c) Frame layouts
d) Thumbnail sketches

Which of the following should be shot close up without too much headspace?
a) Portrait
b) Landscape
c) Storyboard
d) Thumbnail Sketch

In graphic design, which layout shows the dimensions, size, and locations of all of the elements, texts, and images on the page?
a) Paste-up
b) Plate
c) Rough
d) Thumbnail

When developing a new product or system, one must weigh the benefits as well as the portential:
a) Consequence
b) Functionality
c) Progression
d) Waste

Which is the primary factor in the development of new products and systems?
a) Safety
b) Ergonomics
c) Manufacurability
d) Reliability

A written plan of solutions to a proposed problem is a design:
a) Proposal
b) Brief
c) Principle
d) Process

When all of the parts of a design look as if they belong together, what principle has been achieved?
a) Unity
b) Balance
c) Proportion
d) Rhythm

What is a systematic problem-solving strategy?
a) Design process
b) Design composure
c) Design concept
d) Design strategy

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