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Why does Hannah have to pay fines?
a) She is a witch.
b) She owns property.
c) She does not go to church.
d) She does not live in town.

Who is Hannah's seafaring friend?
a) John Holbrook
b) Nat Eaton
c) Captain Eaton
d) William Ashby

What was the outcome of the meeting between Kit and Schoolmaster Kimberely?
a) He was angry with her and told her not to return to the school.
b) He gave Mercy and Kit their jobs back.
c) He understood Kit's intentions and asked her to keep up the good work.
d) He thought Kit would be a good influence in Mercy.

How did Kit feel about living in Wethersfield?
a) She felt it was lonely and difficult.
b) She felt it was exciting.
c) She felt that all of the chores she did was rewarding.
d) She felt loved and accepted.

How did Kit feel in Hannah's house?
a) Lonely and depressed
b) Happy and loved
c) Scared and alone
d) None of the above

Why did Kit run to the meadow after she was fired from the school?
a) She thought it was beautiful.
b) She was upset.
c) She wanted to see Hannah Tupper.
d) She hoped to run into Nat Eaton.

What was the preacher's reaction when he witnessed Kit's teaching method?
a) He was impressed at how creative she was.
b) He thought Mercy should teach like her.
c) He thought it was too boring.
d) He was angry and closed the school.

How does Kit teach the story of the Good Samaritan?
a) She has the students read it from the Bible.
b) She has the students react the story in a play.
c) She refuses to teach the story.
d) She reads the story to them.

Which of the following describes Kit's feelings towards teaching?
a) She enjoys the way Mercy teaches.
b) She thinks it's boring, but loves working with the kids.
c) She thinks it's too exciting.
d) She's afraid she does not teach they way the church would approve of.

How does Hannah's seafaring friend know him?
a) She found him crying in the meadow when he was a child.
b) She kidnapped him as a child.
c) She adopted him as a child.
d) She met him on a voyage to South Africa.

Who does Kit catch leaving flowers for her?
a) William Ashby
b) Prudence Cuff
c) Nat Eaton
d) Hannah Tupper

Why does Prudence not attend school?
a) She has too many chores to do.
b) Her father doesn't want her to.
c) Her mother thinks she stupid.
d) There is not a school close enough to her house.

How does Prudence feel about Hannah?
a) She thinks she is kind.
b) She thinks she is generous.
c) She thinks she is a witch.
d) She is amazed by her.

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