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One of the gases released after gasoline burns in a car's engine is carbon monoxide. Which of the following statement explains why there is carbon monoxide in this mixture of gases?
a) not enough oxygen is present when the gasoline is burned in the engine
b) gasoline contains carbon monoxide
c) the combustion of gasoline in the engine is complete combustion
d) carbon monoxide is produced when a fossil fuel is burned by complete combustion

The prefix dec- means ten. Which of the following best describes the structure of decene?
a) it contains ten carbon atoms and only single bonds.
b) it contains ten carbon atoms and at least one double bond
c) it contain ten carbon atoms and at least one triple bond
d) it contains a total of 10 atoms

Which of the following is a saturated hydrocarbon? (Alkane)
a) Propane
b) butene
c) pentyne
d) benzene

Butane has the formula of C4H10. How many carbon atoms are in butane?
a) 10
b) 6
c) 4
d) 1

In fullerenes, the carbon atoms are
a) bonded in a network solid
b) bonded to three other carbons in a widely spaced layer
c) bonded in alternating hexagons and pentagons on the surface of a hollow sphere (like a soccer ball)
d) not bonded to each other

In the compound C6H12O2, the subscript 2 after the oxygen means that
a) there are 2 oxygen atoms for every six carbon atoms and twelve hydrogen atoms
b) the carbon atom is three times the size of the oxygen atoms
c) oxygen and hydrogen have a double bond
d) there are two more oxygen atoms than carbon and hydrogen atoms in the molecule

The prefix cyclo means
a) the hydrocarbon has a ring structure
b) the hydrocarbon has a branched structure
c) the hydrocarbon has a double bond
d) the hydrocarbon has a triple bond

Which type of polymer is the strongest
a) linear polymers
b) branched polymers
c) cross-linked polymers

Which of the following is a result of the complete combustion of fossil fuels?
a) the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases
b) the amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere increases
c) nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere

Natural polymers are produced
a) only in plant cells
b) only in animal cells
c) in both plant and animal cells
d) in neither plant nor animal cells

In a polymer, monomers are linked by
a) ionic bonds
b) covalent bonds
c) metallic bonds
d) polyatomic ions

When monomers link together, they usually form
a) a polymer
b) another monomer
c) ionic bonds
d) a network solid

Which of the following is NOT an example of a fossil fuel?
a) coal
b) petroleum
c) natural gas
d) methanol

What are the main products of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels?
a) water and carbon dioxide
b) oxygen and hydrocarbon
c) water and carbon monoxide
d) carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons

The carbon atoms in a hydrocarbon CAN be arranged in
a) straight (linear) chains
b) branched chains
c) cross-linked chains
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements is true?
a) organic compounds always contain carbon and hydrogen
b) organic compounds contain only carbon and hydrogen
c) organic compound are produced only in organisms
d) about 10 percent of all known compounds are organic compounds

Which of the following statements helps explain why there are millions of carbon compounds?
a) carbon has four valence electrons
b) carbon atoms form bonds with other carbon atoms
c) carbon atoms can form single, double, and triple bonds
d) all of the above

Which of the following is NOT a type of unsaturated hydrocarbon?
a) alkyne
b) aromatic hydrocarbon
c) alkane
d) akene

How many covalent bonds can one carbon atom form?
a) 2
b) 6
c) 4
d) 8

Which of is an example of a network solid?
a) graphite
b) diamond
c) fullerene
d) buckyball

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