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A ___________ allows people to choose what to make or what to buy
a) profit
b) Free Market
c) spending
d) opportunity cost

__________is when you buy a piece of candy with your allowance money.
a) Saving
b) Wants
c) Spending
d) Value

What happens when there is not enough of something to meet people's needs and wants?
a) Scarcity
b) Division of Labor
c) Abundance
d) Opportunity cost

When businesses have money left after their costs are paid they have a?
a) scarciy
b) profit
c) value

A _________ is a picture than stands for an idea.
a) sculpture
b) arts
c) dance
d) symbol

What is it called when you break down a large project into smaller projects to get it done faster?
a) Demand
b) Tradition
c) Division of Labor
d) Human Resource

If you pay more for an item than another person, it is because?
a) the item has more value to you
b) the item is expensive
c) the item is from the president
d) the item is large

When do we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr?
a) March
b) December
c) August
d) January

What is the cultural group who have settled mostly in cities, speak Spanish and often have strong religious beliefs?
a) African American
b) Japanese American
c) Mexican
d) Comanche

A person who makes products or provides services is a_________?
a) free market
b) opportunity cost
c) demand
d) Human Resource

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