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Bacteria are organisms that reproduce asexually. What would the traits inherited by a newly produced bacterium be like?
a) different from the traits of a single parent
b) the same traits as the single parent
c) different from the traits of two parents
d) similar traits as two parents

When an egg and sperm form an embryo, the offspring that is formed will have genetic traits that are?
a) inherited from only one parent
b) created by the environment
c) passed on from two parents
d) learned from siblings

Which is a characteristic of asexual reporduction?
a) half of the offspring have learned traits similar to the parents
b) all of the learned traits pass from parents to offspring
c) All of the inherited traits are the same as the parent
d) half of the inherited traits come from two parents

In order to grow two of the exact same plants, a person would reproduce them asexually because the?
a) genetic diversity is greater
b) offspring would be genetically identical
c) recessive traits would emerge
d) negative traits are suppressed

A gene mutates in a type of bacteria. When these bacteria reproduce asexually, this mutation can only be inherited by?
a) different types of bacteria
b) cells in the bacteria that are missing the gene
c) bacteria cells that are missing the gene
d) direct descendants of the bacteria

The sex cells of human males and females have the same number of chromosomes. Which best describes what happens to the chromosomes when typical male and female gametes combine to produce offspring?
a) the chromosomes change shape
b) the number of chromosomes doubles
c) the chromosomes because larger in size
d) the number of chromosomes reduces by half

All of the inherited traits that are passed to offspring during asexual reproduction come from a single?
a) egg
b) sperm
c) virus
d) parent

Meiosis is a type of cell division in which cells divide and produce four sex cells. Where does meiosis occur?
a) brain cells
b) bone cells
c) muscle cells
d) ovary cells

A human body cell has 46 chromosomes. Which diagram represents mitosis in a human body cell?
a) Parent 46 chromosomes = Daughter cell 46 and Daughter cell 46 chromosomes
b) Parent 46 chromosomes= Daughter 23 and Daughter 23 chromosomes
c) Parent 46 chromosomes = daughter 92 and daughter 92 chromosomes
d) Parent 46 chromosomes = daughter 26 and daughter 26 chromosomes

Why does sexual reproduction result in more genetic diversity than asexual reproduction?
a) traits from two parents are combined
b) more organisms reproduce this way
c) offpsring grow in different environments
d) offspring come from identical parents

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