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Hemophilia A, a blood disorder, is inherited in a similar way to red-green colorblindness. Therefore, hemophilia most often results when the affected gene is passed from
a) Father to son
b) Father to daughter
c) Mother to son
d) Mother to daughter

A man with colorblindness married a woman who is not a carrier of red-green colorblindness. If they have a female child, what is the chance that she will be born with red-green colorblindness?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

In a pedigree, how will you know if someone is affected by the trait studied?
a) Check the key.
b) Take a guess.

Which of these best explains the pattern of inheritance for the red-green colorblindness trait?
a) The allele for red-green colorblindness is not sex-linked.
b) The allele for red-green colorblindness is carried on the X-chromosome.
c) The allele for red-green colorblindness is dominant to the allele for normal vision.
d) The allele for red-green colorblindness occurred in generation II as a new random mutation.

Two spotted leopards produce a litter of four cubs. Three of the cubs are spotted and one is solid black. The black coat is probably what type of trait?
a) Dominant
b) Recessive
c) Polygenic
d) Sex-linked

An X-linked recessive gene results in color blindness in humans. A woman with normal color vision whose father was color-blind marries a color-blind man. What is the percentage chance that their son will be color-blind?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

Which of the following best describes the formation of a zygote?
a) A sperm cell nucleus and an egg cell nucleus fuse.
b) A cell’s DNA replication and mitosis are accelerated.
c) A succession of cell divisions produces a solid mass of cells.
d) A cell with 46 chromosomes divides to form cells with 23 chromosomes each.

In order to be passed to offspring, what type of cell must a mutation be in?
a) Gamete
b) Skin
c) Muscle
d) Heart

In fruit flies, the gene for red eyes (R) is dominant and the gene for sepia eyes (r) is recessive. What are the possible combinations of genes in the offspring of two red-eyed heterozygous flies (Rr)?
a) RR only
b) rr only
c) Rr and rr
d) RR, Rr, and rr

A human zygote, like most other human cells, contains 46 chromosomes. How many chromosomes does a zygote receive from the mother?
a) 0
b) 23
c) 46
d) 92

In humans, the trait for not having a hitchhiker’s thumb (H) is dominant and having a hitchhiker’s thumb (h) is recessive. A family has 12 children. Eight of the children have no hitchhiker’s thumb. Four of the children have a hitchhiker’s thumb. Wha
a) Hh and Hh
b) Hh and hh
c) HH and HH
d) HH and hh

Which of these combinations results in the expression of a recessive trait?
a) two dominant alleles
b) a Y chromosome and a recessive sex-linked allele
c) a recessive allele and a dominant allele
d) two X chromosomes, one sex-linked recessive allele and the other with a sex-linked dominant allele

Mrs. Stefano has freckles (rr) but her husband, George, does not (RR). Which of these is the predicted ratio of children with no freckles to the children with freckles?
a) 1:3
b) 3:1
c) 1:1
d) 4:0

In pigeons, the allele B produces ash-red feathers. The allele b produces blue feathers. The B allele is dominant to the b allele. A pigeon with genotype Bb is crossed with a pigeon with genotype bb. What percent of the offspring are expected to have
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

In tobacco, if the diploid number of chromosomes is 48, how many chromosomes will be found in a pollen grain, or gamete?
a) 12
b) 24
c) 48
d) 96

What is one role of transfer RNA in the cell?
a) preparing the genes for messenger RNA
b) changing nitrogen bases into amino acids
c) preparing messenger RNA for the ribosomes
d) carrying amino acids to the ribosomes

Which two structures of a frog would most likely have the same chromosome number?
a) skin cell and fertilized egg cell
b) zygote and sperm cell
c) kidney cell and egg cell
d) liver cell and sperm cell

A scientist crossed a tall pea plant that produces smooth pea pods with a tall pea plant that produces wrinkled pea pods. All of the four hundred offspring produced were tall and produced smooth pea pods. Which response below explains these results?
a) The allele for smooth pea plants is dominant.
b) The offspring are homozygous dominant.
c) The allele for wrinkled pea plants is dominant.
d) The offspring inherited a new mutation.

A healthy individual is a carrier of a lethal allele but is unaffected by it. What is the probable genotype of this individual?
a) two dominant normal alleles
b) one recessive lethal allele and one dominant lethal allele
c) one recessive lethal allele and one dominant normal allele
d) one dominant lethal allele and one recessive normal allele

Why is the particular sequence of bases in a segment of DNA important to cells?
a) Some base sequences code for protein production.
b) Some base sequences cause the release of lipids from the nucleus.
c) Some base sequences contain the order of sugars in polysaccharides.
d) Some base sequences produce electrical signals sent to the cytoplasm.

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