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What is the name of the scale that measures the intensity of volcanic eruptions?
a) Richter scale
b) Mercalli scale
c) Eruption scale
d) VEI scale

A scientist who studies volcanoes is called a
a) volcanologist
b) seismologist
c) geologist
d) vulcans

What type of volcano has a gentle eruption?
a) cinder cone
b) composite
c) shield
d) supervolcano

Volcanoes are common in the northwest part of the United States because that area is part of the
a) Ring of Hotspots
b) Fire Ring
c) Fire band
d) Ring of Fire

Volcanic eruptions cause destruction, but they are also
a) helpful because they destroy land
b) harmful because they create fertile soil
c) beneficial because they provide usable minerals
d) helpful because they help with solar power

Which of the following is not an indicator of a volcanic eruption?
a) earthquake frequency
b) swelling or changing shape of volcano
c) release of different gases from the volcano
d) weather patterns

Earth needs volcanoes because volcanoes
a) help Earth retain heat as an energy source
b) help Earth keep hotspots
c) help Earth release internal heat and pressure
d) none of the above

Volcanoes can form in the middle of tectonic plates because of
a) earthquakes
b) hotspots
c) lava tubes
d) none of the above

What forms at the top of a volcano after an eruption?
a) crater
b) vent
c) magma chamber
d) pyroclastic flow

Volcanoes can form at this type of boundary as plates pull apart
a) subduction
b) transform
c) convergent
d) divergent

Good can come from a volcanic eruption. Which of the following is not a benefit from an eruption?
a) fertile soils
b) increased tourism
c) land destroyed
d) geothermal energy

A subduction zone can create volcanoes. What type of plate boundary do subduction zones occur?
a) constructive boundary
b) destructive boundary
c) conservative boundary
d) none of the above

This type of volcano has violent eruptions with alternating layers of lava flow and volcanic particles
a) composite
b) cinder cone
c) shield
d) all types of volcanoes

This type of volcano has a gentle eruption with oozing lava flows
a) composite
b) cinder cone
c) shield
d) all types of volcanoes

Warning signs of a volcanic eruption
a) increased seismic activity
b) ground deformation
c) gas emissions
d) all are warning signs

Exit points on a volcano for the release of magma
a) exits
b) hotspots
c) chambers
d) vents

The release of magma from a volcano
a) hotspot
b) earthquake
c) eruption
d) epicenter

The area below the crust where magma is stored
a) magma chamber
b) magma vent
c) magma crater
d) magma dome

The release of gas, lava, and ash from a volcano
a) eruption
b) epicenter
c) epidermis
d) evacuation

What determines the type of volcano that forms?
a) the location of the volcano
b) the type of eruption
c) the amount of earthquakes prior to the eruption
d) the weather at the time of the eruption

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