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Crystal is the marketing director for a football team. She plans to promote the team as having just won the Super Bowl and having the NFL's most valuable player. This approach to brand positioning is most likely based on
a) quality
b) product attribute
c) user imagery
d) value

A set of assets linked to a brand's name and symbol that adds to the value provided by the product or service to a firm or a firm's customers is
a) brand equity
b) a brand's position
c) brand identity
d) brand image

An ethical dilemma occurred when many individuals considered it offensive to use Native American nicknames for sports teams. To correct this situation, the ________ became proactive and forced teams with Native American names to change them or risk s
b) MLB
c) NFL
d) NHL

When the Houston Oilers football team moved to Nashville, it was necessary to change the brand identity because
a) the Oiler brand name did not fit the Nashville market
b) retaining the current brand would be more costly than establishing a new one
c) the Oiler brand name was easily recognizable by the Nashville fans
d) the Oiler brand name was too general

Jose wants to convey the ideas of boldness and power. He should choose ________ for the team's primary color.
a) black
b) blue
c) purple
d) white

When relocating a sports team to a new market, rebranding with a new identity is advisable under the following conditions except when
a) the current brand identity is too general
b) the team needs a fresh start
c) the current brand name does not fit the new market
d) fans are reluctant to accept the current brand name because of a negative image

Sara wants to convey the ideas of sophistication, royalty, and mystery. She should choose ________ for the team's primary color.
a) purple
b) blue
c) black
d) white

The following questions should be asked when designing or evaluating a current logo except
a) is it currently recognizable?
b) is it enduring?
c) is it relevant?
d) is it distinctive?

Being located in Arizona, the professional baseball team chose the name of Arizona Diamondbacks, using a rattlesnake as part of the logo. This is an example of the ________ characteristic of a good brand name.
a) fit
b) trendiness
c) recognizability
d) contrast

Some brand names are easy to remember because of years of history and tradition, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is an example of the ________ characteristic of a good brand name.
a) recognizability
b) trendiness
c) fit
d) contract

Of the major sports, revenues for licensed products is highest for ________ at $2.82 billion annually.
a) Major League Baseball
b) National Hockey League
d) National Football League

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