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How does the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution limit the power of the federal government?
a) It reserves all unspecified powers to the states and the people.
b) It places upper limits on government salaries.
c) It prevents the federal government from entering into treaties.
d) It prevents the federal government from passing taxation laws.

The right to bear arms is guaranteed by what amendment?
a) 2nd
b) 3rd
c) 4th
d) 5th

For government officials to search a person’s house, papers, or effects, they must have a valid ____.
a) warrant
b) excuse
c) license
d) force

Composed of Ten Amendments
a) Olive Branch Petition
b) Bill of Rights
c) Common Sense
d) Proclamation of 1763

Under the separation of powers specified by the U.S. Constitution, the national government is divided into the legislative, judicial, and ____ branches.
a) executive
b) republican
c) federal
d) democratic

The 5th amendment says you can't be accussed of the same crime twice this is called what?
a) double jeopardy
b) due process of law
c) cruel and unusual punishment
d) unqualified juries

The Constitution gives the federal government the necessary power to protect itself against rebellions or attacks. Article IV give the national government the power to maintain a __________.
a) pharmacy
b) bank
c) president
d) military

In addition to prohibiting excessive bail and fines, what other protection does the Eighth Amendment provide?
a) guarantees the right to privacy
b) guarantees a speedy trial
c) limits search and seizure
d) forbids cruel and unusual punishment

In President Washington's famous Farewell Address, he warned the American people against permanent alliances, sectionalism, and political parties. Why did President Washington warn the American people against political parties?
a) President Washington did not think they were strong enough.
b) President Washington thought these would divide the nation
c) President Washington thought they were too powerful.
d) President Washington did not like attending parties.

President Washington named 4 people to his cabinet. Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the __________.
a) Secretary of State
b) Secretary of the Treasury
c) Secretary of War
d) Attorney General

The _____________ wanted a strong national government and believed that there should be a loose interpretation of the Constitution.
a) Republicans
b) Democrats
c) Democratic-Republicans
d) Federalists

The ___________________ wanted strong state governments and believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
a) Republicans
b) Federalists
c) Democratic-Republicans
d) Democrats

How did the 12th amendment change elections?
a) It changed the process of electing a president and vice-president.
b) It said that the person with the most votes would win president and the second place would be vice-president.
c) t said that if there was a tie, the second place would become president.
d) It said that the person with the most popular votes would win.

Before he left office, President Adams appointed some judges to the Supreme Court at the last minute. These appointment papers were not delivered in time and someone sued to become a judge. This Supreme Court case is known as _________.
a) Madison vs. Jefferson
b) Madison vs. Marshall
c) Madison vs. Madison
d) Marbury vs. Madison

Hamilton’s Financial Plan included creating a _______________ ____________.
a) Green Energy
b) National Bank
c) Political Party
d) Supreme Court

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