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The Nazca and South American plate are pushing together. The Nazca plate is being subducted forming
a) trenches
b) mountains
c) transform fault
d) ridges

Earthquakes occur along
a) all plate boundaries.
b) convergent boundaries
c) transform boundaries
d) divergent boundaries

Sea-floor spreading occurs at which of the following types of tectonic boundaries?
a) transform
b) convergent
c) divergent
d) strike-slip

The Appalachian Mountains and the Himalaya Mountains were both formed by folding as two plates collided. The Himalayas are pointed and the Appalachians are rounded off at the tops. Which is younger and still growing?
a) Appalachian
b) Himalayas
c) Both are the same
d) Can't tell from the information given

How do mid-ocean ridges support both the idea of continental drift and the theory of plate tectonics?
a) Oceanic lithosphere is destroyed at mid-ocean ridges.
b) New crust forms at mid-ocean ridges
c) Tectonic plates collide at mid-ocean ridges.
d) The crust at mid-ocean ridges is old oceanic lithosphere.

Which of the following statements about all fossil fuels is true?
a) Fossil fuels are liquids.
b) Fosiil fuels are formed only on land.
c) Fossil fuels move through permeable rock.
d) Fossil fuels form from the remains of ancient organisms.

Fossil Fuels are
a) coal
b) oil
c) gas
d) All answers are correct

Which of the following provides evidence that the ground was once covered by oceans??
a) Fossilized footprint found in lava rock
b) Insect found in amber
c) Marine fossil found on a mountaintop
d) Dinosaur fossil found in sedimentary rock

Which type of fuel forms when pressure and heat cause changes in the remains of swamp plants?
a) coal
b) gasohol
c) petroleum
d) natural gas

Which of the following is NOT a way to conserve soil?
a) Stay on sidewalk and do not cut the grass.
b) Plant trees around a field that will be plowed.
c) Plant grass on new construction sites.
d) Remove all trees and native plants from an area.

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