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The 'Warren Court' was best known for
a) not overturning laws
b) defending rights of accused
c) defending states' rights
d) limiting the President's authority

How does the Supreme Court decide which case to hear?
a) hears all cases
b) the President decides
c) hears cases about Constitutional issues
d) Congress decides by voting

Which best describes the US Supreme Court?
a) a strong trial court
b) part of the executive branch
c) one of the district courts
d) the highest court in the land

In the court system, what is a circuit?
a) a geographic area
b) a group of judges
c) a set of legislators
d) a type of job

Unlike legislators, federal judges should
a) listen to citizens' views
b) solve broad problems
c) be impartial
d) be elected

How do judges come to serve on special federal courts?
a) elections
b) rise from lower courts
c) appointed by the President
d) chosen by Congress

Which courts are the workhorses of the federal court system?
a) state appeals courts
b) state supreme courts
c) state trial courts
d) district courts

Which is not an example of a special federal court?
a) Court of Claims
b) Supreme Court
c) Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
d) Tax Court

What was the purposes of the Judiciary Act?
a) to create Supreme Court seats
b) to establish lower courts
c) to set out appeals court procedure
d) to remove ineffective judges

The major purpose of the Supreme Court is to
a) hear cases about kidnapping
b) hear cases about foreigners
c) conduct special jury trials
d) serve as final court of appeals

Which can decide the facts in a case?
a) the accused
b) the conflict
c) the jury
d) the lawyers

The framework for the federal court system was created by
a) Congress
b) the Supreme Court
c) the Constitution
d) the President

Who is the defendant in this case: The People of the State of Florida v. Jones?
a) The People
b) The State of Florida
c) the government
d) Jones

Both sidesin a court case are called the
a) parties
b) plaintiffs
c) prosecutions
d) judges

What is true about federal courts?
a) There can be no appeal from a federal court.
b) Each state has its own federal court.
c) A federal court may hear a civil or a criminal case.
d) The only federal court is the US Supreme Court.

Congress 'checks' the power of the President and the Supreme Court by not
a) confirming an appointment
b) agreeing with Court rulings
c) reelecting Supreme Court justices
d) overruling a veto

Judicial review gives the judicial branch
a) the right to overturn a law
b) rights in the Constitution
c) the right to study precedents
d) the duty to hear disputes among states

A Supreme Court opinion
a) shows how to apply the law
b) interprets the Constitution
c) is written by a justice
d) all of the above

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