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The factor being measured in an experiment. The thing which changes as a result of a change in the independent variable
a) procedure
b) application
c) dependent variable
d) hypothesis

A detailed series of steps to follow to perform an experiment
a) procedure
b) journal
c) record
d) problem

The part of the scientific method where the researcher summarizes his or her findings
a) conclusion
b) hypothesis
c) problem
d) procedure

To group information into categories
a) record
b) observe
c) formulate
d) classify

A systemic error in the method of the experiment which leads to incorrect results
a) independent variable
b) bias
c) data
d) constant

To notice similarities and differences
a) predict
b) identify
c) observe
d) compare

A particular sample that is treated the same as all the rest of the samples except that it is not exposed to the independent variable
a) constant
b) conclusion
c) control
d) independent variable

The steps used to test a hypothesis
a) analyze
b) experiment
c) record
d) research

To examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results
a) examine
b) observe
c) analyze
d) identify

To make a conclusion based on reasoning and observation
a) infer
b) formulate
c) analyze
d) measure

To form an idea as a result of the data
a) predict
b) formulate
c) infer
d) classify

A factor in an experiment
a) bias
b) variable
c) problem
d) hypothesis

The practical use for the information gained from the experiment
a) results
b) conclusion
c) journal
d) application

The collecting of information about a particular subject
a) results
b) control
c) experiment
d) research

The question being investigated by the experiment
a) hypothesis
b) problem
c) conclusion
d) variable

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