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A form of asexual reproduction where two identical bacterial cells are formed from one parent cell is called
a) binary fission
b) binary fusion
c) budding
d) fragmentation

Some bacteria benefit mammals by helping with —
a) growth
b) reproduction
c) digestion
d) respiration

Which of the following is true about bacteria?
a) They contain a nucleus, ribosomes and a cell wall
b) They contain genetic material, ribosomes and a cell wall
c) They have RNA and a nucleus
d) They have a nuclear envelope enclosing genetic material

All of the following are common types of bacterial shapes EXCEPT for
a) spheres
b) rods
c) cones
d) spirals

A disease-causing agent that is inhibited by antibiotics is most likely in the same Kingdom as –
a) a protist called paramecium
b) the virus HIV
c) the bacteria Streptococcus
d) the fungi mushroom

Some antibiotics cause patients to exhibit digestive side effects. These side effects are most often the result of —
a) bacteria being killed in the digestive tract
b) the antibiotics being converted into stomach acids
c) too much water being drawn into the digestive tract
d) the stomach wall being torn

Which of the following factors help spread disease-causing bacteria?
a) Access to new hosts
b) Low temperatures
c) Mutation by heat energy
d) Mutation by heat energy

Some bacteria can exchange genetic material with each other by sending a tube to connect with other bacteria. This process is called
a) conjugation
b) binary fission
c) fragmentation
d) sexual reproduction

Which of the following is a characteristic of most bacterial infections but not of a viral infection?
a) It can cause multiple symptoms.
b) It can affect different people differently.
c) It can be spread by inhalation.
d) It can be treated with an antibiotic.

In general bacteria are classified as
a) unicellular, eukaryotic organisms
b) unicellular, prokaryotic organisms
c) multicellular, eukaryotic organisms
d) multicellular, prokaryotic organisms

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