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What was one major effect of the Erie Canal on the United States in the early nineteenth century?
a) The rapid growth of cities in the Northeast
b) A rise in cotton exports to the United Kingdom
c) An increase in the cost of shipping goods to Europe
d) A decrease in trade between settlers and American Indians

Which statement best describes a result of industrialization in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century?
a) People moved to cities in search of economic opportunity.
b) Farmers began to cultivate land west of the Appalachian Mountains.
c) Native peoples were forcibly relocated to western territories.
d) Government officials began to promote the idea of Manifest Destiny.

How did the War of 1812 affect the U.S. economy
a) The use of federal paper currency increased.
b) Agricultural imports increased.
c) Imports of raw materials increased.
d) Manufacturing increased.

In 1832 the Supreme Court ruled that Georgia did not have legal authority over the Cherokees living in the state. President Andrew Jackson responded to this decision by —
a) filing another petition against the Cherokee Nation
b) ignoring the ruling and allowing Georgia to evict the Cherokee Nation
c) ordering state officials in Georgia to negotiate with the Cherokee Nation
d) asking Congress to pay reparations to the Cherokee Nation

The Second Great Awakening was a movement that promoted —
a) spiritual revival and the need for social reform
b) the use of reason and scientific theory
c) states’ rights and governmental reform
d) mercantilism and the development of global trade

With which of the following arguments would the authors of The Federalist Papers most likely have agreed?
a) A bill of rights should be included in the Constitution before it is ratified.
b) Having a stronger central government will make the country more stable and prosperous.
c) The Three-Fifths Compromise will result in fair and equal representation.
d) Universal suffrage should be constitutionally guaranteed.

Why did the economies of western territories develop so differently from the economies of the Northeast and South?
a) F Western territories had limited land and a large immigrant population.
b) G Western territories had natural harbors and many navigable rivers.
c) H Western territories had rocky soil and a large supply of slave labor.
d) J Western territories had inexpensive land and abundant natural resources.

Why did the Anti-Federalists demand that a bill of rights be added to the U.S. Constitution?
a) A To strengthen the authority of the federal government
b) B To improve the organization of the judiciary
c) C To give each state an equal amount of power
d) D To protect individual freedoms from the federal government

The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affected the lives of millions of African Americans by —
a) A providing them with voting rights
b) B guaranteeing their freedom of speech
c) C providing them with access to the court system
d) D guaranteeing their permanent freedom from slavery

As a result of the Oregon Treaty, the United States achieved its goal of
a) F expanding westward to the Pacific Ocean
b) G acquiring land for a southwestern railroad
c) H reserving western territory for American Indians
d) J securing the southern border of the country

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