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What do we call the unique voice that delivers the message of a poem?
a) Author
b) Speaker
c) Teacher
d) Student

If a poet decides to use a major exaggeration in a poem, we might call it . . .
a) Idiom
b) Assonance
c) Hyperbole
d) Symbolism

In Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay, what does the color gold symbolize?
a) Wealth and prosperity
b) Newness and beauty
c) Hard times and difficulty
d) Nothing

The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem is called what?
a) Rhyme
b) Rhythm or Meter
c) Alliteration
d) Consonance

What do we call the repetition of entire words or phrases in a poem?
a) Anaphora
b) Rhyme
c) Rhythm or Meter
d) Alliteration

What is the rhyme scheme of the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet ?
a) aabccb
b) abab
c) aabb
d) abcabc

When the poet uses language that appeals to the reader's five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell), it is called . . .
a) Idiom
b) Sensory Imagery
c) Hyperbole
d) Allusion

This type of figurative language simply implies that two seemingly unlike things are alike.
a) Metaphor
b) SImile
c) Hyperbole
d) Personification

What sound device is used to created words for the sounds and noises that the poet wants the audience to hear?
a) Alliteration
b) Onomatopoeia
c) Pun
d) Oxymoron

If a poem has a rhyme scheme of . . . aabccb . . . which lines rhyme with one another?
a) Line 1 and Line 3
b) Line 2 and Line 4
c) Line 4 and Line 5
d) Line 5 and Line 6

A short, musical poem that focuses on the thoughts and emotions of a single speaker is called a . . .
a) Lyric poem
b) Narrative poem
c) Stanza
d) Sound Device

When a fairly simple object is used to represent a much more complex idea, it is called . . .
a) Hyperbole
b) Irony
c) Symbolism
d) Idiom

What sound device uses the repetition of vowel sounds in a single line of poetry?
a) Onomatopoeia
b) Narrative Poetry
c) Assonance
d) Lyric Poetry

When a particular comparison is brought up again and again throughout an entire work, it is called . . .
a) Extended metaphor
b) Hyperbole
c) Alliteration
d) Oxymoron

A lengthy poem with characters, plot, conflict, resolution, and all of the other elements of a story is called a . . .
a) Lyric Poem
b) Narrative Poem
c) Pun
d) Simile

Words in the English language are made up of these individually spoken sounds.
a) Accents
b) Poems
c) Sentences
d) Syllables

What sound device uses the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of several words in a line of poetry?
a) Personification
b) Alliteration
c) Assonance
d) Metaphor

A group of lines in a poem is called a . . .
a) Stanza
b) Meter
c) Simile
d) Extended Metaphor

What is the name of the figurative language technique that gives an object, an idea, an animal, or any other non-human entity human characteristics?
a) Metaphor
b) Simile
c) Personification
d) Anaphora

I'm burning the midnight oil. This phrase is an example of what?
a) Poetry
b) Idiom
c) Allusion
d) Simile

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