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Approximately how many people have died from Ebola?
a) 10,000
b) 1,000
c) 5,000
d) 15,000

About how long has it been since the initial outbreak happened?
a) two years
b) a week
c) a month
d) a year

In the final paragraph the significance of the phrase (The biggest mistake the world could do right now is blink) most likely means?
a) The majority of the worry or scare is over.
b) The U.S. can slow down its efforts but should keep a close eye on the situation.
c) The U.S. can not slow down it efforts and should constantly be prepared for disaster.
d) The world can not slow down its efforts and should constantly be prepared for disaster.

From the last section of the article, the sentence: (The interventions that were easy to scale rapidly had a pretty significant impact) the word scale implies or means?
a) the pattern of skin found on an amphibian or reptile
b) to change the relative size or extent of something
c) to weigh something out
d) to climb up or down something

The author's overall purpose of this text is to:
a) inform the public that the crisis is mostly over.
b) inform the public that traveling can begin again to previously infected countries
c) to persuade the public to panic
d) to inform the public that the crisis is not over and could pose a threat in the near future

In the article the U.S. military and Pentagon were criticized for
a) for creating treatment facilities and funding them.
b) not helping the French drop supplies off in Africa.
c) sending to many aid workers, who eventually got infected.
d) not rapidly deploying a biohazard team to assist in the crisis.

The article identifies the turning point of when the world became involved with the Ebola outbreak when:
a) treatment facilities were overwhelmed with sick people
b) sick people were dying in the streets
c) two American aid workers and a traveler to Nigeria became infected
d) U.S. military surveyed using aerial drones

The difference between the C.D.C. and the W.H.O. is?
a) The W.H.O. is a U.S. ran organization and the C.D.C. is ran by a global organization
b) The W.H.O. only deals with U.S. related issues
c) The C.D.C. is an organization ran by the U.S. and the W.H.O. is a global organization
d) The C.D.C. will not work with any country outside the U.S.

The phrase (Most important, perhaps, Ebola has laid bare the inadequacy of current global mechanisms for detecting outbreaks and quickly mobilizing a response.) tells us that Ebola has taught the world:
a) The world and countries need to evaluate their current emergency plans and preparation when dealing with disease crisis.
b) The world and countries can work together to eliminate diseases forever in a very short period of time
c) The U.S. will not help out countries in need.
d) Ebola was very hard to detect and the current methods of response are adequate.

The article mentions that (societal dynamics) may have been overlooked. What impact has that had on aid efforts?
a) Has delayed or slowed down the treatment process
b) Caused wars to outbreak in jungle villages due to improper education
c) Has sped up the process of treatment and working with the African public
d) Shows that even if their is a cure for ebola it will never work

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