SS.8.A.4.3 And SS.8.A.4.8- People And Native Americans Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 24417)

Review For Test On Jackson, People, And Natives.

What is the name for the negative political campaigns that were first starting to be used in the election of 1828?
a) Attack ads
b) Mudslinging
c) Infighting
d) Corrupt bargaining

Which state tried to nullify (cancel) out the Tariff of 1832?
a) Georgia
b) Massachusetts
c) Virginia
d) South Carolina

What was the purpose of the Tariff of 1832 (Tariff of Abominations)?
a) To punish the British and French for attacking American ships
b) To punish smugglers who didn't use proper channels for trade
c) To protect Northern industries by making foreign goods more expensive
d) To protect Southern farmers by making foreign crops more expensive

What was the name for the forced migration of the Cherokee where many died due to poor conditions
a) Trail of Tears
b) Walk of Pain
c) Removal Road
d) Trail of Travel

What was the name of the law passed by Congress and signed by Jackson which forced all Native American tribes east of the Mississippi River to give up their land and move West?
a) Relocation Act
b) Worcester v. Georgia
c) Indian Removal Act
d) Trial of Tears

Which Native American tribe brought two Supreme Court cases to the United States in order to try and keep their land?
a) Cherokees
b) Seminoles
c) Chickasaws
d) Choctaws

Who got to be Secretary of State as a result of a corrupt bargain in the election of 1824?
a) John C. Calhoun
b) John Quincy Adams
c) Henry Clay
d) William Marbury

What Native American tribe fought three wars against the U.S to keep their land in Florida?
a) Cherokees
b) Seminoles
c) Choctaws
d) Prophets

Who sent troops to secure the Florida border from Spain and Natives before it became a state?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) James Monroe
c) Simon Bolivar
d) Oliver Hazard Perry

Who was the 6th President of the United States?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) John Adams
c) John Quincy Adams
d) James Monroe

Who was a naval commander who won an important battle on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812?
a) Oliver Hazard Perry
b) William Henry Harrison
c) John Paul Jones
d) Andrew Jackson

Who used the Force Bill to make South Carolina give up the idea of nullifying federal laws?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) John C. Calhoun
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Martin Van Buren

Who invaded Florida without permission, attacking Spanish forts and starting a War with the Seminole Indians?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Tecumseh
c) William Henry Harrison
d) James Monroe

Who made a corrupt bargain to get elected in the Presidential election of 1824?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Henry Clay
d) John Quincy Adams

Who lost the presidential election of 1824 even though he had more popular votes?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) Aaron Burr
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Henry Clay

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