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What year was the Hawaiian kingdom overthrown?
a) 1893
b) 1983
c) 1389
d) 1398

Who was the reigning monarch right before Liliʻuokalani?
a) Kamehameha III
b) Liholiho
c) Kalākaua
d) Lot Kamehameha

What did the constitution that Kalākaua was forced to sign at gunpoint become known as?
a) Constitution of the Committee of Safety
b) New Constitution of Hawaiʻi
c) Hawaiʻi Constitution
d) Bayonet Constitution

Where was Liliʻuokalani imprisoned?
a) her home at Paoakalani
b) ʻIolani Palace
c) jailhouse
d) the State Capital

Where did Kalākaua die?
a) San Francisco
b) Honolulu
c) Maui
d) France

What is the name of Kalākaua's wife?
a) Kaʻahumanu
b) Emma
c) Keʻelikolani
d) Kapiʻolani

Which Kamehameha was Kauikeaouli?
a) Kamehameha II
b) Kamehameha III
c) Kamehameha IV
d) Kamehameha V

Which Kamehameha was Lot Kamehameha?
a) Kamehameha II
b) Kamehameha III
c) Kamehameha IV
d) Kamehameha V

What is the name of Pauahi's father?
a) Pākī
b) Kapaʻakea
c) Kekūanāoʻa
d) Kōnia

Who was Kamehameha to Pauahi?
a) father
b) grandfather
c) great grandfather
d) great great grandfather

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