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Water is pushed into the tube feet by contraction of the
a) stone canal
b) ampullae
c) radial canal
d) sieve plate

Water enters the water vascular system through the
a) mouth
b) madreporite
c) tube feet
d) radial canals

The sea star nervous system consists of a
a) brain and nerve ring
b) brain and radial nerves
c) nerve ring and radial nerves
d) brain, nerve ring, and radial nerves

When feeding the star everts its _____________ onto the soft parts of its prey.
a) stomach
b) intestine
c) mouth
d) gastric glands

The spines of a sea star are used for
a) touch
b) protection
c) capturing prey
d) locomotion

All are echinoderms EXCEPT
a) sea stars
b) sea cucumbers
c) sand dollars
d) sea fans

The echinoderm skeleton is made of
a) chitin
b) silica
c) calcium carbonate
d) bone

All are functions of the water vascular system EXCEPT
a) feeding
b) reproduction
c) locomotion
d) gas exchange

An echinoderm has a(n)
a) exoskeleton
b) endoskeleton
c) brain
d) gizzard

What type of symmetry do echinoderms have?
a) asymmetry
b) bilateral
c) 5 point radial
d) 5 point bilateral

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