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An area of land that water moves across or under as it flows to a body of water.
a) wetland
b) watershed
c) estuary
d) turbidity

An area of land that stays wet for nearly the entire year.
a) watershed
b) estuary
c) wetland
d) tributary

A small body of water that flows into a larger body of water.
a) watershed
b) wetland
c) estuary
d) tributary

Type of pollution that can be identified and tied to a specific source.
a) point source
b) nonpoint source
c) sediment
d) bacterial

Type of pollutant that comes from fertilizer or animal waste.
a) sediment
b) nutrient
c) chemical
d) watershed

The process of excessive building up of nutrient pollution causing algae blooms in a body of water.
a) Turbidity
b) Wetland
c) Eutrophication
d) Pollution

The place where a river meets a large body of water such as a bay or ocean is called...
a) the headwaters.
b) the estuary.
c) the mouth.
d) the watershed.

A partially enclosed body of water that connects freshwater to ocean water.
a) estuary
b) tributary
c) wetland
d) watershed

Often found at a mouth of a river where sediment settles and builds up.
a) estuary
b) turbidity
c) delta
d) bay

A curved river often has more deposition along...
a) the outside of curve where water is moving fast.
b) the outside of curve where water is moving slower.
c) the inside of curve where water is moving fast.
d) the inside of curve where water is moving slower.

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