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Which two effects of hurricanes can cause flooding?
a) dense clouds and a storm surge
b) strong wind and dense clouds
c) strong wind and heavy rain
d) heavy rain and a storm surge

Which of the following would be usual in a southern coastal state such as Florida?
a) ice storm
b) lake effect snow
c) thunderstorm
d) blizzard

What conditions can lead to the formation of a hurricane?
a) a high-pressure system over the ocean far from the equator
b) a low-pressure system over the ocean near the equator
c) a high-pressure system over hot, dry land
d) a low-pressure system over snow-covered land

What type of weather front forms when two air masses push against each other without moving?
a) warm front
b) cold front
c) polar front
d) stationary front

What type of weather is associated with a low-pressure system?
a) gentle breezes and clear skies
b) strong wind and precipitation
c) cold temperatures and clear skies
d) strong winds and clear skies

A continental tropical air mass forms over land near the equator and is
a) dry and cold
b) dry and warm
c) moist and cold
d) moist and warm

Which type of tornado is the most rare?
a) weak ones that cause little damage and last only a few minutes
b) weak ones that break branches and damage chimneys
c) strong ones that knock down trees and tear roofs off houses
d) violent ones that destroy strong buildings and last for more than two hours

When an air mass reaches a new location, it brings its
a) temperature and altitude to the location
b) altitude and air pressure to the location
c) temperature and moisture to the location
d) moisture and precipitation to the location

What does a bolt of lightning produce?
a) sudden rain
b) light and sound
c) stronger winds
d) wind and rain

Which of the following is true about tornados?
a) A tornado can always be seen.
b) Some tornadoes never touch ground.
c) Many tornadoes occur in North America.
d) Tornados usually occur where the sky is clear.

Clear skies and gentle breezes are usually associated with a
a) cold front
b) stationary front
c) high-pressure system
d) ow-pressure system

Thunderstorms can form when
a) warm, humid air quickly rises
b) cold, dry air slowly sinks
c) warm, humid air slowly sinks
d) warm, dry air quickly rises

Which of these is NOT an effect of a thunderstorm?
a) flash flood
b) lightning
c) storm surge
d) tornado

Which describes the air motion in a low-pressure system?
a) Air moves inward around the center and then moves upward.
b) Air moves around and outward from the center and then moves upward.
c) Air moves inward around the center and then sinks.
d) Air moves around and outward from the center and then sinks.

A maritime tropical air mass is moist and warm, so it probably formed over
a) land near the equator
b) the ocean near the equator
c) land near the pole
d) the ocean near the pole

The source of energy for a blizzard is warm, tropical waters.
a) True
b) False
c) q
d) z

A severe winter storm can result when a cold, dry, dense air mass meets a warm, moist air mass.
a) True
b) False
c) q
d) z

An ice storm is a winter storm that happens when hail falls from clouds.
a) True
b) False
c) q
d) z

Hurricanes and winter storm systems are both high-pressure systems.
a) True
b) False
c) q
d) z

A hurricane brings heavy rains and tremendous winds to an area.
a) True
b) False
c) q
d) z

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