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Sport/Event organizations need to build positive relationships with the media because they have
a) the means to spread news to the masses.
b) very few regulations that they must follow.
c) the ability to control advertising sponsors.
d) little control over what is considered newsworthy.

Which of the following is an example of a sport/event community outreach project:
a) The XYZ magazine publishes a story about a high-profile rock star who has survived cancer.
b) A soccer team works with local businesses and the media to create school mediation programs
c) A well-known track star speaks to government legislators about athletes' illegal use of steroids
d) The coordinator of an annual jazz festival applies for operating permits with government officials

The primary objective of developing sport/event public-relations strategies is to
a) encourage local businesses to purchase more tickets, concessions, and merchandise
b) develop positive relationships with corporate sponsors and advertisers
c) promote publicity efforts with key members of the media and business community
d) establish a feeling of goodwill with all of the organization's fan bases

Which of the following is an example of publicity in the sport/event industry
a) The national soccer league secures advertising spots on network television stations
b) A business owner purchases baseball uniforms and equipment for a Little League team
c) A local newspaper prints a human-interest story about a college volleyball player
d) The International Olympic Committee elects a new president to its governing boar

Which of the following statements is true regarding the importance of fan support to sport/event activities
a) Without ongoing fan support, a performer's popularity or an organization's profitability decreases
b) Building fan support involves public-relations strategies designed to increase short-term sales.
c) Large sport/event organizations are usually more successful in building fan support than smaller organizations.
d) Most sport/event marketers consider spectators their most important fan base

Sport/Event marketers use public-relations strategies to create and maintain
a) low profiles.
b) suitable illusions
c) specific images
d) indifferent attitudes

Before a sport/event organization can create goals for each one of its fan bases, what must the organization do?
a) Determine its strengths and weaknesses with each public
b) Evaluate the impact of various publicity messages
c) Identify the appropriate tools to deliver the public-relations message
d) Establish a positive relationship with a member of each fan base

Three local organizations—a bicycling association, a bike shop, and a hospital—set up a display at the town's summer festival. The display promotes the importance of wearing bike helmets to prevent head injuries. The organizations also give away bike
a) A creative sales pitch
b) A community outreach activity
c) A professional-development program
d) A public-relations crisis management initiative

What is a benefit to a sports team of coordinating outreach projects with local community organizations?
a) Generates public support for a team
b) Attracts athletes from other sports
c) Decreases the need to advertise
d) Improves relations with the media

Which of the following is an example of a sales promotion that uses a special event to increase high attendance rates at a professional baseball game:
a) Baseball statistics and articles are printed in the team's program.
b) Free autographed baseballs are given to the first 100 attendees on little-league day
c) The team's logo merchandise is sold in the retail store located in the stadium
d) Concession stands offer bundled food and beverage items for a low price

Which of the following is an example of using a special event as a sales-promotion strategy to increase ticket sales:
a) Advertising prices in a community publication
b) Holding a contest during a game or performance
c) Using telemarketers to contact a target audience
d) Planning an interview with a popular columnist

A sporting-goods company developed a humorous video and placed it on YouTube. Within three days, the video was viewed 436,067 times, and many viewers linked the video to their Facebook pages to share with their friends and family. What strategy did t
a) Loyalty programming
b) Product placement
c) Viral marketing
d) Pay-it-forward advertising

Which of the following is an example of a viral marketing strategy:
a) A blimp displaying a sporting-goods retail chain logo flies over a football stadium.
b) A stadium banner shows a graphic of an ice-cold glass of a favorite soft drink
c) An e-mail sender asks the message receiver to forward the message to 10 friends.
d) A local restaurant places a poster of a supplier's product near the building entrance.

Which of the following is a true statement about ambush marketing?
a) It relies on celebrity endorsements to become an official event sponsor.
b) A business pays a sponsorship fee to be associated with an event.
c) Most businesses believe that ambush marketing is an ethical practice
d) It uses questionable tactics to connect a non-sponsoring business with an event.

What variable might increase attendance at a professional soccer game?
a) A postgame dinner for team players and their families
b) Mass distribution of the team's sports program to the fans and media
c) Offering a wide variety of food and beverages at the concession stands
d) A pregame autograph and photo session for fans with the team's players

An athletic shoe company that has no association with the Olympic games runs a television commercial congratulating a track star for winning two gold medals. This is an example of
a) sales promotion.
b) copyright infringement.
c) ambush marketing
d) nondesignated sponsorship

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