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Which part of a plant helps anchor the plant and soak up water and nutrients?
a) Stem
b) Pistil
c) Anther
d) Roots

If pollen touches this part of the flower, the plant will produce seeds:
a) Pistil
b) Ovary
c) Anther
d) Stamen

Which part of the flower contains pollen?
a) Pistil
b) Stem
c) Petal
d) Anther

What is the function of the sepals?
a) To attract bees for pollination
b) To protect the flower bud before it blooms
c) To bring nutrients and water to the plant
d) To soak up the sunlight and create food

Why are petals brightly colored and good smelling?
a) To make humans happy
b) No one know
c) To attract bees and insects that help flowers pollinate
d) They are made of chlorophyll that add color and also make food for the plant

What is the male part of a flower?
a) The Pistil
b) The Ovary
c) The Anther
d) The Stem

Of the following choices, which could help plants pollinate?
a) The wind
b) Bees and other insects
c) Humans
d) All of the above

What are produced when pollen gets into the pistil of a flower?
a) Seeds
b) Petals
c) Roots
d) Flower buds

What part of the flower holds up the anther?
a) The Pistil
b) The Stamen
c) The Stomata
d) The Anther

What might be a benefit of having a lot of leaves?
a) It can absorb more sunlight
b) It can produce more food
c) Both answers are correct
d) Neither answer is correct

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